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How to Check Your DStv Subscription Expiry Date

To avoid your cable service is disconnected, it is very important that you know when your DStv subscription will expire. I will be teaching you how to check your DSTV subscription expiry date.

How to Check Your DSTV Subscription Expiry Date

Before you proceed, we have recently discussed on how to pay for DStv subscription from your mobile phone and how to pay for DStv subscription through ATMs and POS in case you missed them.

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How to check your DStv subscription expiry date


check your dstv subscription expiry date


Kindly text “DUE (first ten digits of your DStv smart card number) and send a message to 30333. You will receive an SMS stating the expiry date of your DStv subscription on your phone.

DStv App

To use the DSTV app, you need to install the DStv mobile app from Google play store. After installing, launch the app and choose Nigeria as your country. You can log in with your phone number and smart card number.

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When logged, navigate to your account and you will see your customer ID number, DStv account balance and DStv expiry date all displayed.

DSTV website

DSTV expiry date by DSTV website

Start by visiting the DStv website here and then click on “service” on the website to go to DStv self-service. Continue by signing in to the DStv easy service with your smart card number and phone number or name. After this, click on “account” and you will see the expiry date and your account balance displayed on your screen.

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