How to Clear App Cache When Your Android Phone is Lagging

How to Clear App Cache And App Data When your Android Phone is Lagging. Back then, Google introduced the ability to clear cache and data on different android devices. For the android users who don't know what these options are or where they exist on the Android device, this will help.

How to Clear App Cache And App Data When your Android Phone is Lagging

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How to Clear App Cache And App Data When your Android Phone is Lagging

What Clear App Cache Option Does

Cache primarily means a space for temporary storage which an app uses to retain certain kinds of data during its usage. The cached data is directed to reduce loading times on apps and reduce the amount of networking data that is consumed by the app.

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What Clear App Data Option Does

In cases where clearing app cache is unsuccessful in fixing the issues you have with a particular Android app, clearing app data is the next step you can take. While clearing app cache makes little or no difference to your experience, clearing app data gets rid of all app settings to your preferences and saved states. When the “clear data” button is hit, the app resets back to its default state just like when you had first installed it. How to Clear App Cache And App Data When your Android Phone is Lagging

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How To Clear App Cache and App Data on Android

  • From the home screen of your Android device, go to the Settings app from the app drawer, or use the gear icon in the notification.
  • In the Settings app, find and tap on the Apps menu (or Application Manager).
  • Use the All Apps tab to view all the apps currently installed on your Android device and select anyone you have issues with.
  • On the app settings screen, tap on the Storage tab. Then you’ll finally see the Clear Cache and Clear Data options ready for your usage.

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As a precautionary method, make sure you clear the app cache first and try out if the issue has been resolved. If not, you can come back to the settings menu and use the more severe Clear Data button and reset the app to its default state.

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When You Should Clear Cache Data on Android

When you feel that a certain app is running sluggishly or crashing too often, follow the steps explained above and give the app a reset. If you face any issues when using the clear app cache or clear app data option on Android, feel free to inform me in the comments section below.

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