How to Create a Quiz with Google Forms

In this post, you will be learning how to create a quiz with Google Forms.

How to Create a Quiz with Google Forms

In one of my most recent works, I discussed the process involved in creating simple survey forms with Google Forms. However, one of the numerous form types that can be created with the tool must be a quiz form.

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Google Forms lets you easily organize questions from a form as quizzes allowing you to get responses from those you share the link with. Also, there are other types of survey forms you can create. These include online survey forms and questionnaires.

How to Create a Quiz with Google Forms

By following the steps iterated here, you will be able to create a survey or questionnaire form with google. Once you can achieve that you can then proceed to the steps below to transform it into a quiz form.

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Once you form is ready, click on Settings then Quizzes tab. Simply keep the Make this a quiz option enabled.

After that, you may choose to allow your quiz takers see the results of the quiz instantly or to reveal it to them at your time. Also, you can choose what is displayed in missed questions form, add the correct answers and add point values to correct responses. Remember to save once you’re done.

Further, you will be required to assign the correct answer and points for them. Just click the Answer Key, tick the correct answer then assign points for it. You may also add answer feedback if you like then Save.

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Amazingly, this means that a correct response on a question from a respondent will earn them certain points as specified by you. Finally, responses and points gained by users can be seen from the Responses tab.

I hope this helps.

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