How to Create an Email List for Newsletter Marketing

Are you looking for new ways to market your product or drive traffic to your website? Why not give newsletter marketing a try. Here, you will be learning how to create an email list for newsletter marketing and the best websites to create an email list for free.

What is Newsletter Marketing?

What is Newsletter Marketing?

Newsletter marketing is a way of engaging your customers by notifying them of products through the mail. It is more or less like marketing your products through the use of an email list. Newsletter marketing is not the same thing as getting paid to send emails. No one is paying you to send mail to anyone. It is just you, marketing your product through email.

Most of the customers you engage with are not new customers. They most have patronized you before and have subscribed to your newsletter to get notified for new products. However, the newsletter does not bring in new customers at the most time but engages customers you previously had. It makes your customers always come back for more.

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Newsletter marketing is a good choice for bloggers who are looking for a way to maintain their traffic. Sometimes when visitors visit a website, they might be looking for solutions to a problem. However, if a website was able to solve their problem, they might decide to subscribe to its newsletter marketing program.

Just as in regular business, newsletter marketing brings your customers back for more. You get them notified anytime there is an update or a new product and they re-visit your website if they are convinced.

How to Create an Email List for Newsletter Marketing

How to Create an Email List for Newsletter Marketing

To get started with newsletter marketing, you need to create an email list with one of the newsletter marketing websites. Before you can create an email list, you are required to create an account with any of your choices.

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Best Websites to Create an Email List

Best Websites

Let’s get to see the top websites to create an email list for newsletter marketing for free as we proceed further.

AWeber has one of the best newsletter marketing delivery tool in the industry. AWeber let you send your email newsletter to the appropriate recipient with autoresponder follow-ups. It is one of my favourite in the industry.

Getresponse let you send timely email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys and autoresponders to your customers. Email automation can be easily made for webinars with a well-presented landing page for follow-ups.

iContact is an international online service provider of email marketing. It makes sending marketing emails easy with its business email platform. It also provides social media marketing services to businesses.

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MailChimp is another email marketing website well-known for its quality service. Its free service allows you to send up to 12,000 e-mails per month to about 2,000 subscribers for free. You can easily get involved in email marketing while creating landing pages with their automation tools. I strongly recommend MailChimp especially, to bloggers using WordPress.

Send Free

SendFree allows you to grow, maintain and deliver email campaigns to your email lists. You can easily automate promotions through its email-on-demand service and the use of unlimited autoresponders.


StreamSend provides good and reliable email marketing service coupled with the ability to track email campaigns. You can also get social engagement and video views which can all be monitored from your user dashboard.

These are the top websites to create an email list for newsletter marketing. I will encourage you to create an account with one of that website and create an email list.

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After Creating an Email List, What Next?

After Creating an Email List, What Next?

After creating an email list with one of the email marketing websites mentioned above, the next thing you should consider is to create a newsletter form on your website. Some of these websites have their plugins readily on the WordPress plugin page.

However, if an email marketing website does not have its plugin, there are a good number of plugins that could help you create a newsletter form. Just search with the term “email marketing plugins” from the WordPress plugin page and get started.

The plugin will let you design a form and as well, help you integrate the form with your content. After installing and activating your plugin, you need to set up the form. This form will let your visitors subscribe for newsletters directly from your pages.

Also, you can see the list of subscribers to the service by checking the email list from the email marketing website you have chosen initially. Now that you have a list, you can now easily send an email across your subscribers through their email without issues.

How to Create an Email List for Newsletter Marketing

Finally, here is the end of this guide on how to create an email list for newsletter marketing

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