How to Create an Emoji and Add to Your Device Keyboard

Do you know you can create a cartooned picture of yourself and use as emoji on your smartphone? In this discussion, I will be explaining how to create an emoji and add to your device keyboard.

how to create an emoji and add to your device keyboard

For this purpose, we shall be considering the use of an app called Bitmoji. Bitmoji is an application that can be used to create a small cartooned image which can then be used as emoji.

The app offers a simple way to create avatars from your portraits. You can easily react using several moods and stickers. Also, you can make GIFs elements to spice your interactions with people when chatting across social media platforms.

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About Bitmoji

Bitmoji is owned by the same company behind the popular Snapchat. It is aimed at taking conversations beyond the use of generalized emojis and to make them more interesting by allowing users to express how they feel by using their own cartooned pictures.

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Bitmoji app
Bitmoji app

The app got more popular just when it was improved upon by adding several improvements, updates and themes. It allows you to replace your default emoji library with a better collection of your cartooned avatars.

If you wish to have a better emoji experience when chatting on social media, you can simply add Bitmoji to your device keyboard and other applications. Besides, Bitmoji works better with other typing applications including the popular Google’s Gboard Keyboard.

How to Use Bitmoji App to Create an Emoji

  1. Launch the app and take a clear picture of yourself to create a cartoon avatar.

    Take a clear picture
    Take a clear picture

  2. Procced to choose from available customization options that suit you.

    Choose from available customization options
    Choose from available customization options

  3. You can also select dresses to make your avatar look exactly like you.

    Select dresses
    Select dresses

  4. Save and start using your avatars on your phone

How to Enable Bitmoji App on Your Device

  1. Start by installing Bitmoji app for your device from Google Play here and iOS here.
  2. Launch the app and set up your Bitmoji account.
  3. Go to your device Settings and tap on System.
  4. Further, tap on Languages & input and select Virtual keyboard.
  5. Tap + icon and then Manage Keyboards.
  6. Now toggle the Bitmoji Keyboard option to enable it.
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You have just successfully enabled Bitmoji and emoji created from the app will be accessible from your android keyboard. However, when you try to use it for the first time, a dialogue box is shown to notify that you add it to Gboard app.

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