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How to Create and Modify Username on Windows 10

There are several ways through which Windows 10 users can alter their username on their PC. However, in this guide, you will be learning how to create and modify username on Windows 10.

How to Create and Modify Username on Windows 10

The Windows 10 username can be created or changed easily in different ways and these will be discussed below.

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How to Create A New Username on Windows 10

How to Create A New Username on Windows 10

If you have a new PC or you are unable to modify your previous username due to installation of a corrupted copy of Windows 10, you can choose to create a new user account. To create a new windows account, simply follow these simple steps.

  1. Click the Windows key, then Settings.
  2. Further, click on Accounts and select Family & Other Users.
  3. Now, select Add Someone Else to This PC, then Add A User Without a Microsoft Account. You will be prompt to supply your administrator credentials.
  4. Finally, enter a new username and password, then click Next.
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How to Modify Your Windows 10 Username from Control Panel

  1. Start by entering the Control Panel in the Window search tool if you have it in your taskbar. If you don’t, press the Window key to access search tool then search for Control Panel and press Enter.
  2. Further, for easy usage, from the topmost right, click on View by and change to Small Icons.
  3. Now, click User Accounts, then Change your account name.
  4. Proceed to enter any name in the field and click Change name. You will be required to enter the password to your PC to effect the changes.
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How to Modify Other Windows 10 Usernames from Control Panel

If you are the administrator to a Windows 10 enabled device and with several accounts, you can change usernames of other users by following these steps.

  1. From Control Panel, select User Accounts, then Manage another account.
  2. Click on any account you want to modify and follow further the instructions on your screen.

How to Modify Windows 10 Administrator Username

How to Modify Windows 10 Administrator Username

  1. Hold Windows + R keys to run the CMD tool.
  2. Further, enter “netplwiz” in the form field and press Enter key.
  3. Select the Administrator account then click Properties. Then, you can change the username, full name and account type for the administrator.
  4. Click Ok twice to effect the changes made.
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That is everything required to change Windows 10 administrator account details. Remember that you can effect changes if you are an administrator or you have an administrator account password.

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