How to Create, Open, Edit, and Convert SRT Files

In this article, we have discussed what an SRT file is, how to open, edit and convert SRT files to a different format, and as well how to create one.

How to Create, Open, Edit, and Convert SRT Files

A .SRT file extension is associated to files with the SubRip Subtitle. Such files hold video subtitle details which include the start and end timecodes of texts and as well as the sequential number of subtitles.

Kindly take note that SRT files are just text files that are usually used alongside video data. The SRT file on its own doesn’t have any data whether video or audio.

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How to Open SRT Files

SRT files are plain text files. So, to open one, you will require a text editor. There is a wide range of text editors that are available freely online. But you can as well consider the Windows OS file editor if you have a PC.

Opening an SRT file is purposely to let it play alongside a movie on a video player. If that is the case, you can open the SRT file with video programs like Windows Media Player, VLC, MX Player and many others. Now, the file format is now supported on YouTube, allowing you to use subtitles in your YouTube videos.

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You can extract and download the video's subtitles if the closed captions icon (CC) is displayed underneath a YouTube video, from sites like by entering the URL of the video, click Extract & Download, and select SRT Download.

If you are playing a video file on VLC for example and would like to add a subtitle file in SRT format, click Subtitle >> Add Subtitle File and choose the file from its saved location. Once added, you start to see it play alongside the video. In case you are using a different video player, please play around with the menu for similar options.

How to Create, Open, Edit, and Convert SRT Files

Please note that opening an SRT file with a text editor will let you see the plain texts embedded in it. On the other hand, when you open multimedia players, they start to play alongside the video.

How to Convert an SRT File

Subtitle files are not restricted to .SRT alone. Some other extensions their file can come with include an SSA, SUB, TXT, STL, XML or DXFP file which are different types of subtitle formats.

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SRT files can also be converted online on websites like to formats such as SCC, MCC, TTML, QT.TXT, VTT, CAP, and others. Some even support conversion in batch and to multiple formats simultaneously.

How to Create an SRT File

SRT files can be created using any text editor. To create one, open any text editor and add your text. What really matters is to keep the format correctly saved with the .SRT file extension. Besides, there are programs that can also help you build SRT files easily.

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