How to Design an Attractive Pinterest Pin

You must have heard or read that attractive pins brings more engagement to websites and businesses. In this discussion, you will be learning how to design an attractive Pinterest pin.

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how to design an attractive Pinterest pin

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is another social media company purposely designed to save and access information in the form of images, animations, and videos.

Pinterest is popularly used by firms and individuals who would like to promote their businesses or are in search of great products.

This means it is widely used among the Business Minded who are after much more than mere daily chatting and gossiping.

What is a Pin on Pinterest?

Just like a Facebook post and Twitter tweet, a pin is what is used to express on Pinterest. This pin is an image typically designed with a piece of information embedded.

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In essence, pins are a representation of Pinterest users’ ideas from which other users can save to learn the ideas they carry.

How do I Design an Attractive Pinterest Pin?

To create a pin, you need basically the knowledge of a graphics design software like CorelDraw. Although, there are numerous WYSIWYG templates you can easily edit online and get the task done.

Using a template can be quite helpful especially when you have little or no knowledge of graphics design, or you have numerous design to make.

In case you would like a recommendation, I’m recommending Canva. I have made over a hundred of designs using their templates.

After installing Canva, look around the app for the Pinterest category to find the different Pinterest template you can easily edit to create attractive Pinterest pins.

How do I upload a Pin on Pinterest?

Uploading Pinterest pins are pretty simpler and has been discussed earlier in this article. You need to upload your pin after you have created it.

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Also, you can save other interesting pins from profiles to your boards and view immediately or later. Also, know that people will save your interesting pins as well.

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You have just learned how to design an attractive Pinterest pin. An attractive pin could take your brand beyond your expectation because people engage well with them.

We have come to the end of the article on how to design an attractive Pinterest pin. Thanks for reading this article, remember to share with friends.

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