How to Download and Use NIMC Mobile App to Print National ID

The National Identity Management Commission has recently switched from the issuance of plastic to virtual IDs. Here, you will be learning how to download and use the NIMC mobile app to print national id.

How to Download and Use NIMC Mobile App to Print National ID

The national id can be viewed from the NIMC MobileID app. NIMC MobileID App is a new mobile identity ecosystem by NIMC as a part of its Mobile Web Services (MWS). It is used to check the virtual copy of the national IDs online. It is the new way through which Nigeria citizens who have enrolled for the NIMC exercise can now get their cards once it is ready.

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The old method used by the NIMC is to issue a slip to enrolees while they wait for years to get their plastic card. However, no one has to wait any longer. If you have enrolled for NIMC, just download the NIMC mobile app and get a virtual card copy. Also, you can save and print the virtual copy for reference purpose.

The NIMC mobile app is easy to use. You will only be required to enter your NIN number to get the virtual card. Also, you can protect the app using a PIN.

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NIMC Mobile App Download Requirements

  1. An internet-enabled smartphone
  2. Access to the app store (Google Play or iOS Store)

How to Download the NIMC Mobile App

  1. Visit the app page on Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS.
  2. Tap Install and wait for the installation process to complete.
  3. Now, you can launch the app and proceed to use.

How to Use NIMC Mobile App to Print National ID

  1. Launch the app and input your NIN number and other details correctly. Further, ensure you read the attestation then tap I Agree.
  2. Now, set up security for the app by entering the same PIN twice and then, tap save. Your virtual card carrying your details is displayed and you can save a copy. As well, you can print the copy to a paper or plastic for reference.

How to Retrieve Forgotten NIN

Have you forgotten your NIN number? No problem. As long as the line attached with the NIN is still active, you can still retrieve it. You can read on to learn how to retrieve your NIN number.

  1. From your phone, dial *346#
  2. Reply with 1 to retrieve your NIN number. Your NIN is retrieved and ready to use.
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  1. The NIMC app is free for anyone with a smartphone. You only need to install from the Google Play or App Store.
  2. You can also verify the credentials of other people. However, you need to purchase a subscription to this effect.
  3. NIN retrieval service using *346# USSD costs ₦20.

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