How to Download Books on for Free + Alternative Sites

In this post, you will be learning how to download books on for free and How to Download Books and  free alternative sites.

How to Download Books on for Free + Alternative Sites (formerly is an online library that lets you download textbooks, novels, pieces of literature and other material papers for free. At the moment, it has hosted over 5 million books and 77 million articles. has been offering free access to books on various topics since 2009. Also, there were unconfirmed rumours that was taken over as the new URL for which was shut down for reasons untold.

Also, See: holds the record for the world largest free book download website before it was shut down.

How to Download Books on for Free + Alternative Sites

How to Download Books on for Free

To download with the website, you have to follow the steps below.

  1. Visit and enter the name of any text you want to download into the search field displayed on the homepage. You should note that you can search using the book title, author name, ISBN or with publisher’s name. Once you enter any of these, click search.
  2. The page returns suggestions of books related to the query you have searched in a different format. Formats available for downloads are PDF, ePUB, TXT, RTF and MOBI. You can also register on the website to be able to convert your documents to different formats before you download them. Also, having an account also helps you bypass the daily download limit on the website.
  3. To register, click on Sign-in >> Registration and enter your email address. Further, ensure you set up your profile appropriately.
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Literature Free Alternative Sites (

These are alternative sites from where you can download books for free. If you need an audio version of a book, you can use these free audiobook torrent sites to get any audiobook for free as well.

  • Amazon Books
  • Bookfi (Discontinued)

Also, See:

How to Download Books on for Free + Alternative Sites

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