How to Earn #500 For Each Article You Post on

The strategy I am going to show you in this post is real. It will cost REGISTRATION FEE of #1000. To register in the forum, you will be required to provide a COUPON CODE to enable you to complete your registration.

This coupon code is sold to you at #1000 and that will be the only thing that you will be spending throughout the registration process and the only money that you will spend as long as you are using No other payment will be made again no matter the number of times you publish your article and/or withdraws your money.



What is BizIncome?

How to Earn #500 For Each Article You Post on

I learned about on a friend's WhatsApp status. I chatted up to know more about the site and how it operates. is read and get paid news website where one earns from every activity, they take part on in the forum.

When a registered user reads the news, they earn some money from it, for each comment you make you earn as a registered user, you are also paid for it. For login into your account, you are paid for it, when you share a post on social media, you are also paid for it.

What are the Payment Strategies?

Here are there payment strategies:

  • Registration bonus/sign up earn: #300
  • Writing post: #500
  • Referral: #300
  • Read news: #5
  • Comment: #5
  • Sharing sponsored post: #100
  • Daily Login fee: #50
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How Does It work?

These are the scheme that they use to pay their members according to the website.

There is another feature of the website that I seem to have not explained well and that is how to earn for each post you write on forum allows you to publish on the platform right from your Dashboard.

When one signs up for a premium account which costs #1000 as I stated above, they are presented with a Dashboard as shown above also. The only thing left is for you to go to your profile and add your payment details which comprise your bank name, account number, and the bank. Then you are good to go.

In marketing, you will get your campaign items like referral links to share and earn. This operation is not compulsory in any way but instead of inviting friends free, why not use your referral link and earn.

Referrals are where the website records the number of people that you referred if any. The Overview is the default view of the website. The logout, of course, you know what that means.

Payment is where the records of your previous payouts are located. The payment shows your payout history. The withdraw is the form that you use to withdraw your earning into your bank account straight up without any external help from them. Overall is where you check the number of posts you have made, the number of posts you have read, the number of posts you have commented on.

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Then, the submit tab, this is the tab where you write your post that publishes on the forum for your instant earning.

How I Earned #9500 in 5 days!

I registered my account after I was clarified by my friend the way I just did above. As a busy person, I knew even before making payment for the coupon code that I am not going to read news nor comment. So, when my account was all set up as I guided above, it was the time I make my first post. I clicked the submit button, entered my random article, and clicked publish, so when I checked, I have earned #870 for the first day.

This is for the sign-up bonus, and the little clicks I made and the post I published. I continued to make more posts every day for the next 5 days, after 5days, I found out that I have made 15 good posts and have earned #9725 on the forum. Below is the screenshot of my earning.

How to Earn #500 For Each Article You Post on BizIncome.meHow to Earn #500 For Each Article You Post on










It was time I try to withdraw my earning from the website. I clicked the withdraw form, it popped up, I filled it up and sent. After some time, earning on my dashboard disappeared without any alert yet. It took like 2 hours for the alert to come. That was how I earned my Covid-19 ‘palliative' by using the same time I use to waste on Facebooking.

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Here is what I learned about publishing and working on their platform.

  • The articles you write for them are published in their name, not yours.
  • The article is their property, not yours; they claim they have paid you for the article. This does not even matter at all.
  • They accept any content as long as it is not a regulated content like adult content. The posts I made there include gist, entertainment, politics, culture history, etc.
  • They are no limits to the number of articles you publish on their platform daily.

Conclusion: pays for the activity you perform on their platform if you have a registered account. The easiest way to earn from them is through making posts because it has the highest-earning odd on the platform. You don't need referrals to earn or withdraw your earning and you have the possibility of earning as much as you work.

I tried forum and found out that it is a real way to earn passive income whether you make a post or not. To get started with them, I dropped useful links below.




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