How to Easily Scan Documents Using Phone

In a course of filling out forms online, at a point, we may be told to upload some certain scanned documents. What do we do in an area without a scanning machine? To make your scanning easy, this is why I will be teaching you how to easily scan documents using a phone.

How to Easily Scan Documents Using Phone

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How to Easily Scan Documents Using Phone

Using Google Drive

There are different Scanning Apps online but they could hardly handle large files. The best way to scan documents is through the Google Drive app (download link).

  • To scan a document with the Google Drive App, simply tap on the “+” button from the lower right corner of the app home screen and then select “Scan”.
  • Adjust your phone to enable the document to fill up your screen and then tap on the capture button.
  • After successful scanning of the document, a preview copy of it will appear on your screen of which you can crop and do other edits.
  • Once you are done with your edits, tap on the checkmark icon in the lower right corner of the screen to save your scanned documents.
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Full Features of Google Drive App

  • Safely store your files and access them from anywhere.
  • Search for files by name and content.
  • Easily share files and folders with others.
  • Quickly view your content.
  • Set access levels for who can view, comment, or edit.
  • Quickly access recent files.
  • See file details and activity.
  • Enable viewing of files offline.
  • Use your device camera to scan in paper documents.
  • Access pictures and videos from Google Photos.

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Using CamScanner

Using CamScanner
Using CamScanner

You can also scan your documents using CamScanner app on your Phone. To use the app on Android, you can install directly from the Google PlayStore Here. You only need to capture a shot of your document, edit and save to your storage. It's as simple as that.

Full Features of CamScanner

  • Quickly Digitize Document: Use your phone camera to scan and digitize all kinds of paper documents: receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, and certificates.
  • Optimize Scan Quality: Smart cropping and auto enhancing to make the texts and graphics in scanned documents clear and sharp
  • Extract Texts from Image: OCR (optical character recognition) feature recognizes texts in document images and extracts them from images for later searching, editing or sharing.
  • Share PDF/JPEG Files: Share documents in PDF or JPEG format with friends via various ways
  • AirPrint & Fax Documents: Print out any documents in CamScanner with nearby printer via AirPrint
  • Advanced Document Editing: Make annotations on documents using a set of editing tools.
  • Quick Search: use Tags to categorize and easily find documents
  • Secure Important Documents: Set passcode for viewing important documents
  • Sync across Platforms: Continue from where you left CamScanner on a different gadget
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