How to Enable Back Tap on iOS 14

In this post, you will be learning how to enable back tap on iOS 14.

How to Enable Back Tap on iOS 14

The iOS 14 is loaded with many cool and rich features for iPhones. One of them is the feature that performs a specified action when you tap the back of your phone. You can think of the back of your phone as a button for accessing shortcuts.

By simply tapping the back of your iPhone device, you can easily perform quick actions like taking a screenshot or start the camera. Besides, you may choose to set to take any action of your choice.

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The back tap feature is giving iPhone users a new way to use, interact and enjoy their device even better. The new feature is only available on iPhone 8 and newer models of iPhone running iOS 14 and not available on iPad.

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How to Enable Back Tap on iOS 14

To use back tap feature on iPhone, kindly follow the procedure below

On your iPhone device, go to Settings. Ensure you scroll down a while to find and tap Accessibility. Now, tap Touch Accommodations and look under Physical and Motor, find and tap Touch and scroll down to the end to enable Back Tap.

Here, Double Tap and Triple Tap are the only available options. You may assign any action you can find in the list to the shortcut. Leave Settings after you are done assigning the functions and you can start enjoying the feature.

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How to Integrate Back Tap with Shortcuts

You can easily use back tap with the Shortcuts app. This will allow you to assign custom shortcuts to the back tap feature.

To do this, you sure need to install Shortcuts app on your device first. Then, you can proceed to RoutineHub to download as many shortcuts as possible on your device. Ensure you tap Add Untrusted Shortcut when redirected to the Shortcut app and leave the app once the shortcut has been added.

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Consequently, you can then assign your custom shortcut to back tap.

What do you feel about this feature? Yay or Nay? Ensure you tell us in the comments!

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