How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Search

Google Search Dark Mode feature is available for everyone's use. Here, we have explained how to enable dark mode on Google Search.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Search

Google Search tool is one of the well-used tools across the world. It is an essential tool in many lives, and its use is of great importance to individuals, students and businesses.

The dark mode feature helps people to be able to use their devices and tools in a dark room or an area with low light intensity. It became a prevalent feature last year with the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and Windows introducing it as an in-app feature for their users.

The Google Search white background can be too bright to use in a dark room. This is why Google introduced the dark mode feature on the desktop.

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About Feature

About the Feature

Google introduces dark and light modes for users and a third option that lets you use the device's default theme. As a result, you now have three options in the appearance settings of the Google search engine.

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Interestingly, this feature is beneficial for allowing users to switch between dark and light themes as they want it. This will help to reduce straining the eye once the light intensity and contrast ratio required for readability can be controlled when needed.

Once applied, the appearance settings will affect the Google homepage, search results page, search settings, and other Google-linked webpages. The device default option will automatically change the Google search theme once the device theme is altered accordingly.

If your device is on light mode, Google search also uses light mode and vice versa. However, the Google Search Dark option changes the screen to a dark background with light text. But, the reverse is the case for the Light option.

Light or dark mode

The feature was initially announced by Google in September 2021 through a post on their support website, although dark mode has been available in Google Search on mobile since May 2020. Since then, Google search appearance settings have witnessed three options: device default, Dark, and Light.

However, the feature was rolled out for some users on September 9 last year and has gradually been made available for several users and across several screens.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Search

  1. Go to the Google Search website on your Web browser.
  2. Once the page loads, scroll to the bottom right corner of the homepage and click on Settings.
  3. Further, go to Appearance and select between the three options: Device default, Dark, or Light.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.
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Finally, you have been able to use dark mode on your desktop Google search screen.

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How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Search

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