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How to Engage in Keyword Research

With the writings you have since made and steady traffic, I know your blog is now developing and growing. At this point, there is something I think you should know. What you should know is that you don’t just have to write on anything that comes to mind. You need to engage in keyword research before making that writing.

How to Engage in Keyword Research

How to Engage in Keyword Research

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With keyword research, you will be able to get free keywords on your niche and as well, have good information about them. Keywords have different relevance and receive different search volume. So, if you are looking forward to getting good traffic from search engines, you must not be writing on a keyword with 100 searches monthly.

Also, advertisers bid for keywords on your blog. The CPC (cost per click) used by certain advertisers is determined by keywords. Some keywords can get you a CPC as high as $10 or $100 while some might not even make you $0.01. This is why it is very essential to make your keyword research right before publishing an article.

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My experience before I started keyword research was that one of my blogs was receiving around 20k visitors per day and I hardly made $5 per day. Seeing other friends around me making $100 daily with less than 5k traffic daily. This got me frustrated at first, but I have a re-think and started working on keyword research.

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Keyword research is time-consuming and not for the lazy type but it definitely worth it in end. It is a factor that determines how well your blog is doing or can do in the future to come.


  1. Google Trends
  2. Keyword Planner.

Google Trends

Google Trends gives information about most search keywords in the past hour, day, month or years. It gives information regarding the number of searches a keyword receives at a scheduled time in a specific country and help you engage in keyword research.

In addition, it also gives related topics that have that keyword and their search volume too. Google trends do not predict keyword, it only let you suggest keyword while it gives the search information in return.

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To use google trends, visit and enter any keyword of choice.

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Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is another Google product that gives certain relating to keywords and helps you engage in keyword research. You can easily get keyword ideas from your competitors too. All you need to do is to identify a competitor’s URL and input in keyword planner.

Google keyword planner on its own end, will return all keywords that could be found on the website. It will also give the average monthly searches, competition (low, medium or high), ad impression share, top of the page bid (low and high range) of each keyword found on the website.

You then analyze these keywords and select your choice to write about. As a typical beginner still looking for traffic, I will advise you to select and write on keywords with at least, 1k monthly searches and with low competition. Checking their top of the page bid (low and high range) will do your earnings a good benefit. The top of the page bid depends on the keyword and countries. A keyword might have different bids from different countries.

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Most keywords have good bids from UK, USA, and other European countries.

To use Google keyword planner, you need to start from the website with this URL ( You will then be required to enter a keyword or a URL to get keyword ideas. Keyword ideas shall be generated to you based on the keyword you have enter or the URL.

There are other improved ways to engage in keyword research, but as a starter, you have to take it a step at a time. This is why you need to work on what has been discussed on this page as of now and you will see the impact on your blog in a few days.

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Thanks for following this blog all the while.

In case of any question, feel free to use the comment feature.

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