How to Find Out Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

Do you own an iPhone and would like to find out and share your Wi-Fi password? Here, we have discussed how to find out the Wi-Fi password on iPhone.

How to Find Out Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

Wi-Fi passwords can be shared very easily if known or written down. Otherwise, it can be hard to show a Wi-Fi network password on your iPhone.

Unless an iPhone device is jailbroken, an iOS user cannot see the Wi-Fi network password directly. In fact, Apple did not put a feature like that on its devices. You can’t just see a Wi-Fi password even if it’s saved in your Keychain.

Alternatively, you can share your Wi-Fi password with another iPhone user and connect their device to your Wi-Fi network. This process works on iOS 11 and later, and can also be used to connect a Mac running at least macOS High Sierra (10.13) or higher.

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How to Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

The requirement is that both you and your friend should have your Apple ID cross-saved in your Contacts app, have your Bluetooth enabled on both devices and keep them in close physical proximity.

When you are sure you have met the requirement, simply follow this guide in my guide and get it done easy and simple. This will help you connect your friend’s device to your Wi-Fi without a password.

Once they are connected, they can enjoy seamless browsing on their device using your internet.

Alternatively, you can check for a Wi-Fi Password in your Router Settings. This password once retrieved can then be used by your friend or anyone you want to share with.

How to Find Out Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

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