How to Fix Flightradar24 Not Showing Planes

Are you having issues seeing information about your flights? Here, we have explained how to fix Flightradar24 not showing planes.

How to Fix Flightradar24 Not Showing Planes

Flightradar24 lets you see flights move in real-time on a detailed map anywhere in the world. With the app, your phone becomes a live plane tracker.

You can also point your device at a plane, and all information related to the aircraft will be shown on your screen, including where it's heading.

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However, some people are having issues using the app. In many cases, the flightradar24 app is not showing planes.

If you are experiencing a similar problem, you are not alone. Below, we have explained how to fix Flightradar24 not showing planes.

How to Fix Flightradar24 Not Showing Planes

Why is Flightradar24 Not Showing Planes?

The Flightradar24 not showing aircraft is due to some reasons. It could be that the plane does not have an ADS-B transponder which ensures its compatibility with the Flightradar24 receiver network.

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Also, you can experience issues if an aircraft is flying in a region with little or no MLAT coverage or is equipped with a Mode S transponder which is not visible.

In some cases, a plane may pass through portions of the Flightradar24 network where Flightradar24 have little or no ADS-B coverage, or the owner or operator of the aircraft has prohibited it in the Flightradar24 system.


If an aircraft is not listed in the Flightradar24 database, then retrieving its information won't be possible. However, tracking information of some private or sensitive aeroplanes may be hidden or not displayed at all upon the operator's request.

Hence, military and private aircraft are not displayed on Flightradar24 unless requested. Generally, only transport aircraft are visible on the app.

Finally, your area could have less than four radars to enable it to pick up the MLAT of the plan. If you have the above four, then it should work.

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If the Flightradar24 app is not showing planes, see some of the reasons from the discussion above.

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How to Fix Flightradar24 Not Showing Planes

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