How to Fix “Launching Experience” on Roblox

The “Launching Experience” is a common error experienced by Roblox users. Here, we have explained how to fix “Launching Experience” on Roblox.

How to Fix "Launching Experience" on Roblox

If you are getting the “Launching Experience” error on Roblox, we have provided fixes through which you can resolve it on this page. To begin with, the error message is only applicable to Roblox mobile.

Both iPhone and Android users of Roblox can fix the “Launching Experience” error by checking if the Roblox server is down. In this case, you have to wait for their engineers to resolve the error.

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On the other hand, if there is nothing wrong with the server, it is probably caused by a glitch, and you can try one of the methods discussed below to resolve it. Such procedures involve clearing the cache of the Roblox app or updating and reinstalling the app to the latest version.

In addition, if you use Android, you can allow developer options or use the Roblox web version to launch an experience.

How to Fix "Launching Experience" on Roblox

Below, we have explained how to fix “Launching Experience” on Roblox.

How to Fix “Launching Experience” on Roblox

Check if Roblox is down

To begin with, kindly check if the Roblox server is down. If this is the case, the Roblox mobile app will be stuck on the “Launching Experience” screen.

To confirm if Roblox is down., you can check the Roblox status website to monitor the uptime. If you see “All systems operational” on the page, then the system is working correctly.

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Check the Roblox status website
Check the Roblox status website.

However, a red status with a description (as seen below) is used to describe if there is any problem.

Past Roblox issues
See past Roblox issues.

You can also check for similar discussions on Twitter to confirm if the server is down. If you see any other person complaining of this error, it is most likely a general issue.

Hence, there is a need to wait and start an experience later after Roblox engineers have fixed the error. Update or reinstall the Roblox app. Doing either of these will help you clear the cache of the Roblox mobile app and will be able to load your experience.

To fix using this method, you can delete or uninstall the Roblox app and reinstall it from your app store. Otherwise, you can visit the app store and search for the Roblox mobile app updates. Once you do this, the cache will be cleared, and the problem will be resolved.

Enable developer options

If you are an Android user, you can enable specific settings in the developer options to fix the problem. The developer options help you control how your apps behave for enhanced performance. However, it only works on Android devices.

Go to Developer options under your Android Settings app if you have enabled it. Under Developer options, scroll down and find “Apps”.

Locate and enable “Always show crash dialogue” under “Apps”. Also, enable “Show background ANRs”, “Show notification channel warnings”, “Adaptive notification priority”, “Adaptive notification ranking”, and the “Force allow apps on external storage” options.

Next, on the same page, scroll down and enable “Force activities to be resizable”, “Enable freeform windows”, “Force desktop mode”, “Enable freeform sizecompat”, and “Disable permission monitoring”.

Afterwards, force close the Roblox app and relaunch it. Try relaunching your Roblox experience and see if it works.

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Log in to the desktop version of Roblox

The “Launching Experience” error is only common to the mobile app version of Roblox and not on PC. However, you can log in to the desktop version of Roblox on your mobile device.

First, you need to log out of your Roblox account from the mobile app. Then, visit on a browser and tap “Continue in browser”. Next, log in and choose a game to play. Now, try logging in again in your Roblox mobile app.

After this, start an experience on the website from your browser, and it will open in the Roblox app. This is a good way to bypass the “Launching Experience” error.



The “Launching Experience” error could be because Roblox is down, a result of a slow internet which prevents the game from loading or because of cache. You can try the methods explained above to fix it.

If you cannot fix this in the end, contact Roblox support for help or submit a request to the support team.

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How to Fix "Launching Experience" on Roblox

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