How to Fix Pixelated Videos in 4 Effective Ways?

Video Pixelation diminishes its quality. If you face it, then you know how frustrating it can be. You’ve captured footage of something really important but when you replay it, it shows blurry footage.

No one in their right mind would want to keep a pixelated video. Just so you know video footage contains millions of pixels in combination, and they are captured in a certain order.

However, whenever there is any irregularity the footage gets pixelated and ruins the viewer's experience. Everyone takes videos so that they can capture a certain memory but when videos get distorted it ruins the moment. However, you can fix pixelated videos in 4 effective ways.

Let’s find out how?

Can You Fix Pixelated Videos?

How to Fix Pixelated Videos in 4 Effective Ways?

Everyone wants to have a hassle-free video viewing experience. However, that’s ruined by pixelated videos. Now the question is how to fix pixelated videos?

Just so you know, you can’t remove pixels from a video, as it’s made out of it. If there is any distortion in their format or any faulty codes, the video gets blurry. However, you can fix these grainy videos with various methods such as using video repairing tools.

The Reason Behind Pixelated Videos

Video distortion or pixelation occurs for various reasons. A pixelated video is enough to ruin the viewer's experience. Before we discuss the solutions we like to share the major reasons behind choppy videos.

Captured Quality

Capturing a video with good quality requires good lighting conditions and a good camera. If the lighting is not correct or you have an unsuited camera then it’s inevitable to get choppy footage.

Sometimes it’s because of using the wrong camera settings, such as using a lower aperture with a higher ISO. in such situations your camera will absorb more light than it has to, which will definitely cause distortion in video pixels.

Incompatible Player

Videos get pixelated due to the video player you play the video. Especially if the player isn’t compatible with video. Sometimes a certain video player can’t render the resolution, so it starts to show a blurry video.

Note– sometimes to reduce the video file’s size, you try to compress the footage. As a result, you lose the original file’s integrity thus having grainy video footage.

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4 Effective Ways To Fix Pixelated Videos

How to Fix Pixelated Videos in 4 Effective Ways?

Needless to say, watching pixelated footage is an irritating experience for any viewer. As you know sometimes videos get distorted due to some uncertain conditions, and it can’t be helped.

However, knowing how to fix it, can help you rectify the issue. We’ve prepared 4 effective ways to fix pixelated videos. So that you can easily rectify any issues and have a wonderful viewing experience.

Method-1: Capturing/Recording The Video In High Resolution

Low video resolution is a major cause of polygon videos. It’s obvious that a 1080p resolution is going to be better than a 720p resolution. Because 1080p has a high density of pixelation ratio the 720p, that makes the videos more crisp and clear.

So whenever you capture/record footage try to do it in the highest possible resolution. In doing so, not only you’ll avoid any pixelated video, but also you’ll get to view better videos.

Method-2: With A Video Repairing Tool (Avidemux)

As we mentioned captured/recorded video pixelation can be fixed through video repairing apps/softwares. One, in particular, is Avidemux. It’s a video repairing and editing tool which helps recover and fix any video distortions and pixelations. To use this repairing tool, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Download the tool on your native device. Complete the installation process with the help of given instructions from the tool.
  • After that, launch the tool, and go to the File menu. From there go to the video file’s directory and then select the file.
  • It’ll take a few seconds to load the video. After that, you can hit repair to fix the problem with the video.

 Note– these steps are generally used in any video repairing tool, all you need to do is download your preferred video repairing tool and follow these above-given steps to repair pixelated videos.

Method-3: Using A Compatible Video Player

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the captured video, but you see the pixelated video because of an incompatible video player.

These video players can’t render the video's original form, rather they compress the video resolution and stretch it. In doing so, the video gets pixelated and blurry.

So try to use a video player that can render the true resolution of your video. It will allow you to enjoy the best possible viewing experience.

Method-4: Adjust The Camera’s Aperture And Iso Settings

Capturing footage is a work of art, which requires great patience and attention to surrounding details. It also means tweaking the camera settings according to surrounding conditions.

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By changing the aperture and ISO settings according to the outside lighting conditioning, you can get the outcome you’re looking for. Otherwise, because of excessive or low lighting, your video footage will get ruined.

However, in such cases, you don’t have to get rid of the video. You can easily fix the lighting with video editing software.

Tips To Avoid Pixelation In Videos

Yes indeed sometimes videos get ruined, and it occurs for various reasons. However, you can avoid it by keeping a few tips in mind. Such as:

  • Whenever you’re shooting a video try to shoot in the best possible lighting conditions.
  • Try to use a wide aperture setting while shooting. It helps to render the best lighting and make the videos sharper at a close distance.
  • Just so you know, the ISO setting determines the light sensitivity of your camera. It determines how much light should or shouldn’t enter while capturing. The lower ISO setting (100-800) helps you avoid any grains in the video footage.
  • Whenever you’re capturing footage, always remember to use the highest possible settings.
  • Always try to use a large sensor, it helps capture the tiniest pixels in the video, which makes your footage more crisp and smooth.

Wrap Up

Undoubtedly pixelated videos are no fun to watch, right? However, no matter how hard we try, it’s bound to happen sometimes. But the good thing is that every problem has a solution, you just have to look for it.

In any case, we’ve tried to provide you with the necessary solutions to fix choppy or blurry footage. Also, we shared a few tips, with which you can avoid facing the problem to an extent.

Good luck, and have fun capturing your moments.

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