How to Free Up Storage on iPhone

Are you frequently seeing the storage almost full pop-up on your iOS device? Here, we have discussed how to free up storage on iPhone.

How to Free Up Storage on iPhone

Previous tests have shown that most iPhones start to slow down once the free storage space is less than 500 MB.

Once the iPhone storage is almost full, you start getting a pop-up. Also, you will realize that you won’t be able to take pictures or download new apps. Surprisingly, there is no guide from Apple to help us free up space on the iPhone devices.

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What’s Eating Up my iPhone Storage?

Before freeing spaces on your iPhone, it is ideal to know what’s taking up the storage at first.

To see a breakdown of how your storage space is been consumed, do these;

  1. Go to Settings >> General >> iPhone Storage.
  2. From the top of the screen, there is a horizontal bar graph showing how much total storage has been used and is left. This graph is divided into five different colours which represent space consumed by apps, media, photos, messages, and others respectively.

How to Free Up Storage on iPhone

Here are some specific things you can do to free storage space on your device.

Clear Browser Cache

Browsers are known to save web page caches for websites you visit so the browser does not have to load all the content the next time you visit. As a result, such pages loads faster or next and subsequent visits.

If you use Safari browser, here is how to clear cache files;

  1. On your device, go to Settings >> Safari >> Advanced >> Website Data.
  2. Next, you can either choose to delete data for an individual website or remove all website data.
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On Google Chrome browser, however, you can clear cache this way;

  1. Tap on the ellipsis from the bottom navigation panel and tap History
  2. Next, tap Clear Browsing Data.

Clear Browser Cache

Delete Old Voice Notes

Voice Memos are used to make recordings of activities. But they can consume your storage space if allowed.

  1. To delete a voice memo, open the Voice Memos app and tap Edit.
  2. Select any recorded memo and tap Delete.

Delete Apps Offline Content

Apps on iPhone like the navigation apps such as Google Maps store specific data offline on your phone. If you don’t use such apps regularly, you should delete them to free more space.

Kindly follow this guide to delete an app on iPhone.

Clear Old Text Messages

All the text messages sent and receive on an iPhone device are stored permanently unless deleted. This way, they consume more space than expected. If you want to save your storage space, I advise you to stop the device from saving messages forever.

  1. On your device, go to Settings >> Messages.
  2. Scroll downwards and find Message History.
  3. Tap Keep Messages and change from Forever to 30 Days or 1 Year.
  4. Next, you will see a pop-up asking if you want to delete older messages. Tap Delete.

Disallow Double-Saving Photos

iPhone's HDR mode automatically saves two copies of photos. One is the HDR version and the other, a normal version. Instagram also saves dual photos, one in the normal version and the other in the IG-edited version.

Disallow Double-Saving Photos

To disable this feature, go to Settings >> Photos & Camera.

Next, go to the bottom and uncheck the Keep Normal Photo toggle. You can also disable the Portrait mode if on iPhone 7.

To disable Instagram from the double-saving picture, do these;

  1. On Instagram, tap your profile tab and then Settings from the upper right.
  2. From Settings, uncheck the Save Original Photos toggle.

Delete Downloaded Music

Music playlists and albums downloaded on your device can start to eat up the storage.

  1. To delete music on Apple Music, go to Settings >> General >> Storage & iCloud Usage >> Manage Storage.
  2. Find Apple Music from the list and you can swipe to delete any song or all songs.
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Here is for Spotify.

  1. On Spotify however, open the app and tap Your Library.
  2. Choose to view by Album or Playlist and swipe down to see the Filter option.
  3. Add the Downloads filter, to see only albums and playlists that you downloaded.
  4. Open any of the albums or playlists you see and toggle off the switch for Downloaded.

How to Free Up Storage on iPhone

Delete Downloaded Podcasts

Podcasts also take space when downloaded in stock.

  1. To delete downloaded podcasts, go to Settings >> General >> Storage & iCloud Usage >> Manage Storage.
  2. Next, tap Podcasts and swipe to delete the podcasts. However, you can only delete one at a time.

Other Things you Can Do

To free up storage the easy way on your iPhone, you might want to enable recommendations. From the iPhone storage bar, you can check to see if there are recommendations and you can enable them.

Apple has provided storage-saving tips and can be accessed underneath the iPhone Storage bar. The recommendations shown depends on your usage and they might contain options to delete large and unused apps, offload large apps, delete downloaded music, delete old podcasts, store photos on the cloud, turn off photo streaming, only save HDR-quality photos among other tips.

You can also automatically delete messages, audio messages and manually delete other contents stored in messages.

How to Free Up Storage on iPhone

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