How to Generate National Identity Number (NIN) from BVN

Are you still struggling with generating NIN before Linking it with SIM card and you just discovered that you can generate National Identity Number (NIN) from your Bank Verification Number (BVN)? Yes, that is actually possible and I am going to show you how to generate NIN number from BVN so that you can facilitate your NIN- SIM Integration as the deadline keep coming closer.

How to Generate National Identity Number (NIN) from BVN

The SIM NIN integration has its deadline continue to be extended from December last year 2 January this year and February 2021 so as to give Nigerians more room to continue registration. however buy a way to make the exercise even easier, it's possible to generate your NIN via BVN.

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The bank verification number was a piece of unique information enrolled by all bank account holders back then in 2014. It has information that NIMC harmonize to correlate with their data in this regard.

Before I explain further how to generate nin from BVN, it is important to know that your nin generated by BVN is still subjected to verification before using “NIMC”.

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However many Nigerians have claimed that BVN generated nin can be used for SIM linking and NIMC mobile App login without prior verification.

How to Generate NIN from BVN

Method one

Retrieve your BVN by dialling the code 5650# and taking it to the NIMC enrolment centre for nin generation and verification. Or get your BVN and generation from your bank.

Method two

Dial *346# from the mobile number connected to your BVN. Although this is going retrieve your already owned Nin if at all it was prior generated from your BVN either from your bank.

In all cases, the BVN generated nin will save you from the stress of enrolment of any kind. The process will also enable speedy exercise of the nin sim integration and at least reduce the risk of COVID19 spread.

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Also, note after linking up your NIN to SIM Card, it is important to confirm if your submission is successful and validated on your SIM. Found this post on how to generate National Identity Number (NIN) from BVN helpful? Kindly share!

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34 thoughts on “How to Generate National Identity Number (NIN) from BVN”

  1. I loss my NIN slip and they stole my phone together with my SIM I use in opening the NIN
    I need my NIN number but I can’t even recall what the number is,am just stranded RN.

    • The NIN slip and NIMC app are a better way to verify your identity than the plastic ID. Plastic ID comes with a validity date and you will have to pay to get a new one.

  2. My date of birth that is in my BVN is different from the one that is in my NIN, The one I prefer is the one that is in my BVN, I don’t know what step to take?

  3. Yes,i have tried all possible means to link up my BVN with my NIN but to no avail. They keep telling me that i have no access to my data,so in such a case,what are am i suppose to do?


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