How to Get 4-Times Bonus with Glo 4X Recharge

Do you know you can get 4-times your recharge amount as a bonus on Glo sims? In this post, I will explain how to get the 4-times bonus with Glo 4X recharge.

How to Get 4-Times Bonus with Glo 4X Recharge

The Glo offer that let you get 4-times your recharge is the Glo 4X Recharge and is available to all prepaid subscribers. You can quadruple your recharge amount simply following a specific method to recharge your Glo line.

Glo 4X offer is not a prepaid plan and you do not need to migrate to any of the Glo prepaid plans to enjoy it. The offer is not new but has been improved on. The old offer requires that you recharge an amount of ₦150, ₦250, ₦550, ₦1050, ₦2050 or ₦5050.

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Now, you get four times the value of every recharge of ₦100 or more that you make on your Glo line.

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Glo 4X bonus can be used to,

  • Make calls to numbers on all networks in Nigeria.
  • Call up to 18 international destinations around the world.
  • Browse the internet and download files.
  • Send SMS messages to devices.

How to Get Glo 4X Bonus on Recharge

Recharge Voucher

To get the bonus on your line through a recharge voucher is simple, all you have to do is recharge your Glo line by dialling 323PIN#.

Electronic Recharge

Another way to get the Glo bonus is by making recharges through electronic means. Such recharges must take any of the following values; ₦125, ₦175, ₦225, ₦525, ₦725 and ₦1025.

₦125 recharged electronically gives ₦500 bonus, ₦175 gives ₦700, ₦225 gives ₦900, ₦525 gives ₦2100, ₦725 gives ₦2900 and ₦1,025 gives ₦4,100 recharge bonus.

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Note that your airtime is not converted into a bonus, you get both separately. Electronic channels you can make use of when recharging your Glo SIM are Glo Café, ATMs and POS terminals.

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Glo 4X offer summary

For more information, visit the Glo World official website.

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