How to Get a STEPN Activation Code

The move and earn concept is live and making waves. However, access is being restricted. Here, we have explained how to get a STEPN activation code.

How to Get a STEPN Activation Code

The popular web 3.0 lifestyle app, STEPN, has in-built Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements that help it successfully execute the functioning move and earn concept, the first project of its kind.

Players can earn game currency simply by equipping an NFT. This NFT comes as sneakers, and you can use them to walk outdoors.

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Interestingly, a currency earned from playing the game can be used for in-app purchases or withdrawn.

STEPN game was in the public beta phase in early 2022. However, it requires an activation code to get access. This is to limit the rate at which people get registered on the platform.

Here, we have explained all that it requires to get a free STEPN activation code.

How to Get a STEPN Activation Code

How to get a STEPN activation code

The STEPN activation code can be gotten from the STEPN Discord server and Telegram group. All that is required of you is to join either of the two and use one of the activation codes sent to the group.

Install STEPN from App Store
Install STEPN from App Store.

On the STEPN Discord server, the codes can be found in the “-activation-codes” channel. Once a new code is generated and sent, you should be fast enough to copy and paste it into the app before any other person. Otherwise, you have to wait for a few minutes after another code is generated.

Meanwhile, on the STEPN Telegram group, a link that contains the activation code is sent out daily. Find one of those links and verify you are a human using the CAPTCHA to get your code.

STEPN affirms that only 1,000 of its codes will be dashed out via the link shared on the Telegram channel. As a result, you need to be active and use the link once sent.

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Join the STEPN Discord server

Join Discord server
Join Discord server

Joining STEPN still requires that you have an activation code. The activation codes are shared on the STEPN Discord server. You can also join the server on Discord. However, you need to install Discord to join.

To create an account on STEPN, get an activation code from the STEPN Discord server under the “-activation-codes” channel. An activation code is sent out in a 12 minutes interval. So, you have to act fast to use the code.

Should you miss an opportunity to use the code, you would have to wait for another 12 minutes for another chance. All you need to do is be fast to copy and paste the code into the app.

Join the STEPN Telegram group

Join the Telegram group
Join the Telegram group

The STEPN Telegram group is where news, updates and announcements related to the STEPN app are made. Amazingly, it gives out activation codes in the form of links daily.

Joining the group is easy if you already have a Telegram account. You are only required to join the Telegram group. If you don’t, install Telegram first from the app store to join the group.

After joining the group, tap the pin icon to filter the messages to pinned messages only. Lots of messages are usually sent to the group, and you need to filter to see the one that matters.

Scroll upward to locate an activation code link that you can use. Click on the link and verify the CAPTCHA challenge to prove you’re human. Once you get the code, copy it and use it within the app.

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However, the website could say, “No more Activation Code left…”. In this case, you have to wait until 13:00 UTC when another link is sent.

What is the daily limit for STEPN activation codes?

1,000 activation codes each are sent every on Discord and Telegram. Note that the system refreshes at 13:00 UTC / 24:00 AEDT daily.

How to Get a STEPN Activation Code


When STEPN was launched, users did not have to use some codes to register. However, the developers saw a need to put some measures into place because of the overwhelming number of registrations. Hence, they found a need to limit access by introducing the activation codes.

About 2,000 activation codes are sent out daily on their Discord server and Telegram group at intervals.

Also, note that STEPN activation codes are free and do not attract any fees. So, beware of online code generators.

Outside the two social media channels, STEPN also give codes out on subreddit, Facebook group and other YouTube comments.

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How to Get a STEPN Activation Code

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