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How to Get Free SSL Certificates for Websites



SSL has directly or indirectly become a necessity for all websites in this new age. However, you don’t need to break your bank before getting one for your website. In this article, we shall be discussing how to get free SSL certificates for websites.

How to Get Free SSL Certificates for Websites

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What are the SSL Certificates?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are digital certificates that ensure a secure link between a website and the browser it’s been visited.

It keeps sensitive information sent over the internet in an encrypted form, granting access only to the intended recipient. As a result, it helps protect the owner of a content and as well as the readers or customers.

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A site with SSL has HTTPS instead of HTTP and this padlock icon beside the address bar when you visit such a website. However, when the padlock turns green, it shows your connection to such a website is secured.

Why SSL Certificates on Websites?

The following are the importance of SSL certificates on a website.

  1. They encrypt sensitive information.

SSL primary purpose on websites is to encrypt sensitive information sent over the internet as there are multiple computer systems involved in the transfer of information on the internet before it finally reaches the destination server.

Information encrypted by SSL even if accessed, cannot be understood by anyone until it gets to the supposed destination. This helps keep user passwords, credit card details and other sensitive information of website users safe from thieves and hackers.

  1. SSL provides authentication

When it is properly installed on a website, it gives assurance to the website’s users that they are sending information to the right source and that no one could try to steal their information.

This can be assured especially when it is bought from trusted providers.

  1. It ensures trust

SSL certificates will help you to gain the trust of customers. They feel secured anytime they see the green lock when they access your website telling the user that his/her connection to that website is secured.

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The presence of this trust seal helps customers have better confidence on the website and helps when building an email list.

  1. It is a PCI requirement.

If you run an eCommerce website and would like to accept credit card information on your website, there are certain requirement your website must pass in compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and one is the proper usage of SSL certificate.

Are SSL Certificates Free?

SSL certificates are not free of charge. To get an SSL certificate for your website, you need to buy from a trusted provider. After buying, it is necessary to validate the resource with your website.

Although, there are exceptions nowadays due to a continuous increase in demand for it. There are legitimate ways by which one can get the resource without paying a dime.

How Can I Get Free SSL Certificates for Websites?

  1. Free SSL Certificates for Websites from Web Hosting Providers

Some hosting providers provide it free for every domain hosted with them. I won’t be mentioning any of such in this article. Kindly play around the internet for such web hosting companies.

  1. Free SSL Certificates for Websites from Dedicated Websites

You can get this resource for free from certain websites dedicated to this purpose. Meanwhile, we shall only consider Let’s Encrypt.

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Why Let’s Encrypt

  1. Gives free domain validated SSL certificates.
  2. Allows auto-renewal (No need to renew manually when one expires after 3 months).
  3. If auto-renewal is enabled, installation and verification are also done automatically after renewal.


Now that you know where to get your free SSL certificate, I have just saved you some bucks, right? However, I will discuss in one of my upcoming articles, how to validate SSL certificates with websites.

We have come to the end of this article. We believe that this article will help you to get free SSL certificates for websites. Let’s hear your feedback after and do remember to share this article with friends.

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