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How to Get Massive Traffic Daily from Pinterest

Have you been looking for ways to get quality traffic to your website and boost your earnings? You have come to the right place to learn this. On this page, we shall be discussing how to get massive traffic daily from Pinterest. I know you will be wondering if this is possible, but in fact, it is.

How to Get Massive Traffic Daily from Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

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Just like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Pinterest is just any other social network on the internet. Over 250 million people use Pinterest every month.

People on Pinterest are not there to check the latest update about their friend unlike other social media website, they are there to find ways of solving a particular problem or to expand their knowledge on topics of interest.

Pinterest users communicate through the use of pins. Pins are simply images or graphic designs carrying certain information. The pins are shared on Pinterest with other users of the social platform.

In essence, when I need to communicate information to my followers on Pinterest, all I need to do is create a pin and upload on a board I have created on my account. The pin is shared to my followers on the platform and among other users of Pinterest which are following my interest. The information on the pin is easily communicated to them when they find my pin.

If a user finds a pin I have uploaded useful, they have the opportunity of saving the pin to their boards too. When they do this, the pin could be displayed to their followers too. The more the people who get to save the pin on their board, the more the people who would see the pin and the information it carries. The trend continues that way.

The lifetime of a pin uploaded on the Pinterest social media platform is 7 days compared to that of a Facebook and Twitter post which are just within hours. This alone has made Pinterest be a better platform to advertise your business.

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As a website owner looking forward to improving the traffic to his/her website, you can get massive traffic daily from Pinterest. Pinterest can help you boost the number of visits and visitors to your website within some days of using the social media platform.

Let’s discuss what you need to do to get massive traffic daily from Pinterest.

Steps to Get Massive Traffic Daily from Pinterest

  1. Have an Account

The first thing you need to do to get started getting massive traffic daily from Pinterest is to register an account on the platform. To register an account, proceed to and sign up using your email.

Verification will be sent to your email account and you will be required to find and click on the verification link from the mail sent.

After you have verified your account, you can now login into your Pinterest account.

  1. Set up your profile

The next thing you should consider doing immediately after registering an account is set up your profile by filling up the necessary details. Your name, website, profile picture and other details should be properly entered to represent you or your brand.

Doing this will allow people to easily find and connect with you and your brand on the Pinterest social media platform.

  1. Find Appropriate Profiles and Boards to Follow

Search for similar profiles and boards to follow. Follow as much profile and boards as you like. Doing this will expose you to similar profiles finding you easy to follow.

We are still discussing how to get massive traffic daily from Pinterest.

  1. Create a Board

After setting up your profile on Pinterest, you can move ahead to create a board. Click on the “+” symbol on the top of the page and click on create a board. Give the board a name which will denote the type of pins that would be saved on the board.

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Boards on Pinterest are just like folders on your PC with which you can categorize your files. You can create as many boards as possible based on the types or categories of pins you will be creating soon.

  1. Save pins from similar boards.

Search for pins which from boards similar to yours and save to your boards. I will advise you to save pin mostly from profiles that have great monthly visits. These will help to boost your popularity in no time.

  1. Design your pins

If you are using Pinterest purposely to get visitors to your blog, you will need to design pins for your posts. When you design pins for your articles, it should carry the information of your post especially, the title of the post. This is to enable people that see your pins be able to know the information it represents.

To design a pin, you need to design an image with a certain dimension with your knowledge of graphic design. However, if you do not have a good knowledge of graphic design, there are applications that could put you through with ease.

One of my favorite apps is the canva app. To use canva, you can visit You can also download the canva app for your mobile to allow you to design on the go.

Design Wizard is another excellent graphic design software which allows you to edit images in seconds. It holds over 1 million images and tens of thousands of high-quality templates! Standout features include a custom colour palette, free font library and resize button.

We are still discussing how to get massive traffic daily from Pinterest.

  1. Add your pins

After designing pins for your articles, you need to start adding the pins to your boards. When you add the pins, you should add little information about the pins and attach the URL on your website which the pin is representing to it.

  1. Repeating the steps

Lastly, your success to get massive traffic daily from Pinterest depends on how well you put the repetition of steps 3 – 7 above into practice.

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As you follow more related boards and profiles and also save pins from related boards, you get more follows on your profile and save on your pins and these acts will surely improve the visits to your profile, boards, and pins.

When people visit your pins, some of the users find themselves on your website and this eventually adds to your website traffic. To maintain the traffic in-flow, I advise you to continue designing pins for any new post you put up on your blog.

You can as well choose to design more than one pin for an article, it boosts the exposure to such an article. Make the process of adding pins to your boards part of your daily routine. Don’t be surprised that you can get up to 10k traffic daily from Pinterest within a few months of using the social network platform.

We have come to the end of the topic on how to get massive traffic daily from Pinterest, we hope that the steps we have discussed on this page will assist you to get massive traffic daily from Pinterest.

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