How to Get Rid of Notes on Instagram

Instagram now has a new feature called Notes. Here, we have explained how to get rid of notes on Instagram.

How to Get Rid of Notes on Instagram

Instagram is a newly introduced feature. The feature, which allows users to make announcements on their profile by posting a short quick content called Notes, was rolled out in June 2022.

With the feature, you can post brief and necessary information in the form of notes or advice to your profile visitors. These could be important information you intend to share among your friends, followers or a particular group.

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Ever since the feature was announced, it has received a mixed reaction from the public. While some users like the feature and praise Instagram for introducing such an idea, others have a different opinion and even criticize the idea.

Also, many social media users have shared their thoughts and ideas about the feature.

How to Get Rid of Notes on Instagram

Below, we have explained how to get rid of notes on Instagram.

How Does Instagram Notes Works?

Instagram Notes is a recent feature on the mobile app. It allows users to post short messages, similar to stories, which disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram users may share information using the Notes feature. You can choose to share with your friends, followers or any particular group of people.

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A message in the Notes feature can take up to 60 characters. When you post it, it goes directly above the direct messaging page.

Hence, you can view friends' notes directly from Direct Messages. Similarly, your friends will see your notes at the top of their direct messages and conversations page.

Send a message

Friends can also send replies to a note. Thus, if you post a note and a friend reacts, you can see their response in your inbox.

The Notes feature also notifies your friends when you post one. However, it only appears to your targeted audience and will be removed automatically after 24 hours of posting it.

How to Get Rid of Notes on Instagram

The Instagram Notes feature cannot be removed from the mobile app. Although it has only been rolled out to a selected few, if you can access the feature on the Instagram app on your device, you cannot remove it.

However, you can install an old version of the app that doesn't have the Notes feature or choose not to use it.

Reply a message


Instagram Notes lets you make temporary messages for other users. However, it gives room for privacy by allowing you to select your audience for the message. Also, once you post a note, it only appears for 24 hours before it gets deleted.

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The Notes feature works similarly to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Stories, as well as WhatsApp Status, which lets you post any information to be shared with an audience within 24 hours.

Unlike stories placed at the top of your feeds, Instagram Notes can be seen from the direct messaging area and allows replies from anyone who views it. Responses to a note can be seen directly in your default message inbox.

Also, note that Instagram Notes is unrelated to the Notes feature introduced on Twitter. Although they have the same name on both platforms, their function differs.

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How to Get Rid of Notes on Instagram

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