How to Hide Archived Chats on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp in-built archive feature can hide chats from specific contacts. However, hidden chats are stored in the archive folder. Here, we have discussed how to hide archived chats on WhatsApp.

How to Hide Archived Chats on WhatsApp

Archived chats are stored and hidden inside the archived folder. You can only see messages inside those hidden chats only when you go to the folder.

Before now, the archived folder can only be seen under chat settings. However, after a recent update to WhatsApp on Android, the Archived box start to appear at the top of your chats.

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The new feature sends archived chats inside the archived box which now appears at the top of the chat screen on WhatsApp for Android. Chats remains hidden even when new messages are added to such chats.

Many people aren’t too cool with this update. If you are one of them, I am happy to inform you that you can remove the archived box from the top of the WhatsApp chat screen. Here is how:

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How to Hide Archived Chats/ Remove Archived Box on WhatsApp

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your Android device and locate the Archived box at the top of your chat screen. If you haven’t archived any chat before, you probably won’t see the box. To archive a chat, Tap and hold any chat, and tap the archive icon from the top of the page.
  2. Tap the archived box to see all your archived chats.
  3. Next, tap on the three dots from the top right and select Archive settings.
  4. On the Archive settings page, disable the Keep Chats Archived toggle.

The archived box will automatically be removed from the top of the chat screen and sent to the bottom. Interestingly, chats in the folder still remain inside it and hidden. Also, they won’t still appear on the chat screen when you receive new messages in them.

How to Hide Archived Chats on WhatsApp

You can also hide a chat hidden forever. Here is how:

How to Permanently Hide a Chat on WhatsApp

You simply need to turn on the Keep chats archived feature from WhatsApp settings. Go to Settings >> Chats >> Archived Chats and enable the Keep Chats Archived option.

Once enabled, your archived chats will remain hidden permanently.

How to Unhide Chats on Android

  1. Launch your WhatsApp and see the archived box at the top of the chat screen (or scroll down to the end of the chats). You will find the Archived box here.
  2. Tap on the Archive box to see all the hidden chats.
  3. Tap and hold any chat you want to unhide and tap on the archive icon from the top of the page.
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The chats will be restored and no longer hidden away in the Archived folder.

How to Hide Archived Chats on WhatsApp

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