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How to Hide Online Status and Disable Read Receipts on Instagram

Do you think you are being monitored on Insta? Try following this guide to hide online status and disable read receipts on Instagram.

How to Hide Online Status and Disable Read Receipts on Instagram

Nowadays, it has become a habit for some people to stalk others on social network especially if they have a way to detect you’re online. If this happens to you too, you don’t have to worry anymore.

You can just hide your online status from people so they don’t detect you’re online and disable read receipts so they don’t know you have read their messages.

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There is a green dot that appears right next to profiles in DMs which symbolizes that a user is currently online. What you need to hide exactly is this so you can ghost around on Instagram.

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How to Hide Online Status on Instagram

How to Hide Online Status on Instagram

  1. Launch the Instagram app and tap your profile icon from the bottom. Then, select the hamburger icon and move to Settings.
  2. Further, select Privacy then Activity Status.
  3. Finally, toggle off Show Activity Status.

Henceforth, no one will see you online on Instagram anymore. Unfortunately, you won’t see the activity status of your friends and as a result, you won't know when they are online either.

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How to Disable Read Receipts on InstagramHow to Disable Read Receipts on Instagram


There is no official method to do this, but you can try the trick below.

  1. When you receive a message on Instagram, do not open the message immediately. Rather, turn on Airplane mode on your device the go back to read the message.
  2. Then, after reading the message, do not remove from Airplane mode outrightly. You should only do these after you have logged out from your account.

You can log out of Instagram from your profile simply by tapping the hamburger, proceed to Settings and then select log out. After, turn off Airplane mode and log in back to your Instagram account.

To verify that the message is unread, visit the Direct tab and you will notice the unread badge next to the sender name is still there.

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Presently, this seems to be the only way you can read an Instagram message without notifying the sender that you have read their message.

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