How to Identify the Owner of a Phone Number

Have you been receiving calls or messages lately from unknown contacts? In this discussion, I will be explaining how you can identify the owner of a phone number.

How to Identify the Owner of a Phone Number

Nowadays, quite a good number of people are always afraid to pick strange numbers. But it is very understandable due to the alarming rate of spam calls we receive nowadays.

However, there are a good number of websites and apps that let you easily know who a phone number belongs to, eradicating the fear of picking a spam call. Some of these apps will quickly identify the name of the owner of a phone number immediately your phone rings.

If you would like to learn this, just follow this simple guide through.

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Ways to Identify the Owner of a Phone Number

There are different apps and websites that let you identify a mobile number but for the purpose of this discussion, we shall concentrate on the most trusted few among them.


Below are the top apps that let you identify the owner of a phone number.



TrueCaller is very popular among utility apps for different devices. It easily identifies who owns a mobile number by making a quick scan through its database as receive an incoming call on your mobile number. Also, you can let it find out who owns a contact by just making a search from the app.

TrueCaller boasts of more than 250 million users and contacts throughout the world. It identifies phone numbers and message senders. As a result, it doesn’t just identify names of contacts when called, it also identifies spam calls and messages by taking the sender of a message as spam based on a good number of reviews from other people using the app.

TrueCaller continues to grow large every single day as more people now use the app. It is well-trusted when it comes to doing its own thing among its users.

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You can download TrueCaller for Android here and iOS here.

Google Phone App

How to Identify the Owner of a Phone Number
Google Phone App

Google Phone app is Google’s own number detector. It helps you identify calls easily without the need to use its search engine or any other website.

There is no way you won’t expect Google to have an outstanding database of phone numbers with almost everyone using Google Products. This database is what the Google Phone app makes use of to identify callers and spam calls.

Google Phone app also identifies phone numbers belonging to companies.

Whoscall – caller ID + block


Whoscall works just like TrueCaller. In fact, there a no too many differences in how they operate. It is an ideal app that tells you the owner of a phone number when upon receiving an incoming call or SMS from an unknown phone number.

Whoscall also boasts of a good database, although TrueCaller is more used and has a better-updated database.

You can download Whoscall for Android here and iOS here.

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Below are the top websites that let you identify the owner of a phone number. is among the best in the business for finding out who is behind a phone number. The website searches through thousands of databases from across the United States to find the information you need without wasting time. will also collect data about phone numbers, so it's possible to identify whether or not a caller is a scam caller.

Using is also simple. There are separate categories for each type of people search you're looking to perform. Simply select the “Reverse phone lookup” tool and enter the phone number. After entering the phone number, you'll learn about someone's name, email addresses, social media accounts, and much more. Overall, has one of the more comprehensive reverse phone lookup tools available.

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How to Identify the Owner of a Phone Number

I am sure many would be surprised to find Facebook among this list even though I didn’t expect anyone to doubt the fact. Everyone registering a Facebook account is required to have a functioning email address or phone number.

Phone numbers supplied during account registration can be used by people to find you on Facebook, although, there are ways to disable this option and only a few people know about it.

So, when you get calls from numbers you don’t know, you can go ahead and search the contact with Facebook. There is a better chance of finding the profile attached to the phone number, except if the owner registered the account with another number, an email, or has disabled people from finding them using their contact.



UnknownPhone lets users search their database to identify mobile numbers. It is totally free to use. As a result, users of the search tool do not need to have an account at all.

Also, right from the website, you can also view the latest reported phone numbers and top spam list.

Other popular contacts finder websites are Who Called Me, Tellows, and Yellow pages.

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