How to Import and Export Android Contacts to Gmail Account

In the part of the world we live in, it is very possible for someone to lose his/her cell phone. Losing a phone doesn't really pain like losing your contacts without backup. You can easily get your contacts all safe and secure with a Gmail account. This is why I will be teaching you How to Import and Export Android Contacts to Gmail account.

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How to Import and Export Android Contacts to Gmail account

STEP 1: Go to Settings on your Android phone, click on Accounts, and select Google.

STEP 2: Log in to your Google account and Enter your username and passwords. Then, Verify with your screen login passwords, pin, or pattern if you use one.

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STEP 3: Go to your phone contacts if you have already saved the numbers you which to save to your Gmail then Click on Import/Export.

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STEP 4: Select your desired account that you have saved the contact and select your desired Google Account. Select the contacts you wish to move. Completing this step means You’ve successfully moved all your contacts to Google Accounts.

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How to Check Your Google Contacts Online

Kindly click here to sign in to your Google Account. After this, you will see your contacts displayed right in front of you.

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