How to Make Android Phone Calls from Windows

In this post, you will be learning how to make Android phone calls from Windows.

How to Make Android Phone Calls from Windows

If you own a computer running Windows 10 version and an Android phone, you should consider installing Your Phone App by Microsoft. With this app, you can easily take quick actions such as sending text messages, syncing photos and receiving phone calls right from your PC.

Your Phone App is readily preinstalled on Windows 10 PCs. When the app is both connected on PC and mobile, it will let you receive notifications, sync photos, send text and make calls as well.

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Requirements to Use Your Phone App

To use Your Phone app, your computer must be running Windows 10 with at least, the May 2019 Update or later and must have Bluetooth enabled. Also, your Android device must be running Android 7.0 or above.

To use the call feature with Your Phone app, you must ensure the app is installed on your phone and linked to the system’s version.

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How to Make Android Phone Calls from Windows

  1. Kindly install Your Phone Companion app from Google Play. It will request access to a few permissions during installation and you have to grant them.
  2. Now, launch the app and attempt to connect to the PC version.
  3. Tap Allow to grant the app permission to make and manage phone calls. Also, grant it access to your contacts to be able to access them on your PC and as well, give permission to allow the Android app to run in background for a stable connection between both devices.
  4. Now, move to the PC version to finish setting up the phone call feature. Go to Calls tab and click Get Started. A pop-up containing a Bluetooth PIN will display on your PC. Also, another pop-up containing the same PIN will appear on your Android device.
  5. Confirm that both codes match, then click Yes on your PC and tap Pair on your Android device. After the setup process, your Android device is completely linked to your Windows OS-based PC and you can begin to make calls from PC. However, you will only be able to dial number sand not show call log. To your call log, you have to grant permission on your phone by clicking Send Permission.
  6. A notification will appear on your Android device and you are to tap Open to launch the permission dialog. Also, tap Allow in the permission pop-up. However, if you don't see a pop-up, you can manually grant permission by going to Settings >> Apps & Notifications >> See All Apps >> Your Phone Companion >> Permissions, and select Allow under Call Logs Access for This App.
  7. Your recent calls will now show up in the Your Phone app on Windows 10. To make a call from your PC, you can select a recent call and click the phone icon, search for contacts, or use the dial pad.
  8. Anytime you receive a phone call, a notification will appear on your PC with the option to either accept or decline as the case may be.
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That is all on how to make Android phone calls from Windows. At this moment, you can only make and receive voice phone calls but not video call.

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