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How to Make Money Online Blogging

Have you been looking for ways to earn online blogging? Read on!

It has been a while you’ve been blogging. You have a nice blog and well-written articles. Obviously, you must have been receiving visitors to your blog. Then the next thing you should consider is to make money online with your blog. For the next few minutes, we shall be discussing how to make money online blogging.

How to Make Money Online Blogging

How to Make Money Online Blogging

Making money from a blog is an excellent idea especially when your blog has good contents and attention (I mean when you are receiving traffic from visitors coming down to the website). What you only need to do is to convert your traffic into money by easily monetizing your blog.

The process is what we call blog monetization. There are different ways of monetizing a blog. It depends on the amount of traffic you receive, the interest of your readers, countries your visitors are coming from, among other factors.

Do you even know that you can write for other blogs and make money? Read up on How to Make Money Online Writing for Revenue Sharing Blogs. We are still on how to make money online blogging.

How do people earn online?

The main method of monetizing a blog is by publishing an advertisement. There are different types of advertisement and different ways of displaying them. Also, you can make money from your blog by selling your own products if you have one. E-books are good examples of products you can sell on your blog.

Now, let’s quickly look at different advertising ways and what you need to get them on your blog and make a good revenue out of it. The major ones we shall focus on are;

  1. PPC marketing
  2. PPV marketing
  3. Affiliate marketing
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PPC Marketing

PPC (pay per click) marketing as the name implies, allows you as a blogger to make money from your blog by displaying advertisements from a certain website based on the number of clicks you get from displaying the adverts.

Literarily, you are going to be paid based on many people click on the ads you display on your blog. This does not mean in totality that the number of page views, and as well as the impression (how many times an advert is displayed to visitors) does not count. At most times, it is what determines your CPC (cost per click) which is the amount you will earn from a single click on their advertisement.

This is not even about blogging. You can make money online doing what you know best. Learn How to Make Money Online Freelancing now!

We are still on how to make money online blogging.

A single click with some PPC marketers may be as low as $1 and can be as high as $100. Knowing fully well that the clicks fetch money, some bloggers use tricks to manipulate the clicks. Most times, it doesn’t work out, because those advertisers have different ways of tracking back for malicious clicks and they can easily grade the activities from your blog if it is converting for them or not.

Interestingly, a good example of PPC marketing website you can join is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is owned and managed by Google. It allows bloggers to enroll in their program by submitting an application. Their application is reviewed within 7 days and after, it will be decided if to approve their application or not. We shall look into the details of Google AdSense in a different post.

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PPV Marketing

Unlike PPC, PPV (pay per view) marketing allows you as a blogger to make money from your blog by displaying advertisements from a certain website based on the number of views you get from displaying the adverts. It doesn’t matter how many clicks you get on their adverts.

However, all you need to keep earning money from your PPV advertisement is to keep the advert on your blog and keep receiving visitors. The more the visitors and visits, the more the views on the advert displayed and the more the revenue you generate from them.

I am very sure you will like this that the previous. But at most times, it is easier to generate money from PPC adverts than PPV adverts. But in some cases, you earn better. You can try both these and decide which one turn out best for you. Examples of PPV marketing website is the PropellerAds. Its approval process is also similar to that of Google AdSense. We shall discuss it as a topic too.

As a newbie, I hope you don’t get tired of blogging. However, if that happens, you can sell off your blog. Learn How to Make Money Online Selling Websites and Blogs now!

We are still on how to make money online blogging.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online by displaying adverts o your blog. It is so much different from PPC or PPV because, visitors are not just required to view the adverts or click on it, but they must perform a specific action such as purchasing a product. Because, it is on such sales that you make money.

A particular percentage will be paid to you from whatever is bought. This process of marketing can look tough and uneasy to you at first but, a lot of bloggers who use it and has a good audience has made a fortune with it.

Popular affiliate marketing websites are Amazon, ClickBank and Commission Junction. ClickBank as at the time of writing this post does not allow some countries to be enrolled in their program. Although, there are unlawful ways by which people bypass this restriction. Read more about affiliate marketing from here.

These are the best and most popular ways of making money by displaying ads on your blog/website. If you have your product like I said, you can make money by selling your own product rather than considering PPC, PPV or affiliate marketing.

Blogging is not the only way you can make money online, check out Ways to Make Money Online from your Home now!

Finally, I hope you have learned one or two things on how to make money online blogging. By now you should know the different ways of monetizing your blog. Have any question(s)? Feel free to use the comment feature.

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