How to Make Voice and Video Calls on WhatsApp Web

In this post, you will be learning how to make voice and video calls on the WhatsApp web.

How to Make Voice and Video Calls on WhatsApp Web

Obviously, you will agree with me that WhatsApp serves more purpose than mere chatting alone. Other than adding and checking of stories called status, WhatsApp is also used to make voice and video calls. In fact, earlier this year, the WhatsApp raise the limit on concurrent video call recipients. Meanwhile, the latest added is the disappearing texts feature.

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In other words, you can call up to 50 people in a single WhatsApp video chat. However, this has to be done from the mobile app.

These and many more features constitute the difference between the mobile app and the WhatsApp web. Thus, they make it look like the desktop version isn't as useful as that of the mobile app.

Make Voice and Video Calls on WhatsApp Web

In other news, there have been reports that WhatsApp has rolled out voice and video calls for the web-based version to its users now.

This is a piece of great news that really worth everyone’s try. In fact, the convenience experienced can never be compared to any. Imagine the freedom you experience when making that WhatsApp video call with a friend holding their phone for hours while you sit back for your webcam to do its thing. However, the feature was initially introduced to beta testers before it was officially rolled out.

The feature was initially made available only for users who have signed up as WhatsApp beta testers on Google Play. For a chance to see the feature at that time, one has to install the latest version provided on your Google Play account as a better tester then, launch the web version on your PC and see if the feature is available for you.

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Right now, the feature is live for all and everyone can enjoy it. You only need to install the WhatsApp Web app on your PC. You will find the video and voice call feature icons placed on your chat screen in the circled red as they appear in the image file below.

How to Make Voice and Video Calls on WhatsApp Web

If you cannot find the feature yet, kindly wait till the official roll-out to use.

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New to WhatsApp Web

Trying WhatsApp web for the first time, you need to download and install the software from Further, launch the installed WhatsApp web scan the QR code displayed on the screen with the version in use on mobile.

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