How to Move Apps to SD Card on Android

Are you getting insufficient storage warning on your device? Why not choose to shed storage use with the memory card. In this post, you will be learning how to move apps to SD card on Android.

How to Move Apps to SD Card on Android

The Not Enough Space warning simply means that the storage space has been used up. Most budget Android users usually see insufficient storage warnings at a time. This could be when they try to take a picture, or run an app or try to install a new app.

If your smartphone supports MicroSD, then you can easily resolve this issue. You can easily move some apps to the SD card. Although, adding more SD-RAM space would free up more space, but it only works with rooted devices. But, be sure your phone is slow due to low RAM before you do that at all.

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How to Move Apps to SD Card on Android

Ways to go about it depends on your Android version. But ensure you are not using a fake microSD card. Also, note that third-party apps may not be moved.

Now, take a look at the guidelines below to resolve the issue once.

Set the SD Card as Internal Storage (Adoptable Storage Method)

You need to set microSD as internal storage. That way, the Android OS sees the SD as an extension of your built-in space as a separate space. And, data and apps can easily write to either of them when there is a need.

  1. Insert the new SD card into your phone and wait for the New SD Card notification. When it shows, tap Set Up.
  2. Next, choose how your smartphone should use the card. Select Phone Storage on Android 9, or Use as Internal Storage on older versions. Alternatively, if there is no notification, you can go to Settings >> Storage and select the option.
  3. Tap Storage Settings and then Format as internal.
  4. Next, tap Format SD Card, or Erase & Format according to your Android version. The SD card will be wiped.
  5. On Android 9 and the more recent Android versions, you would see Move Content. The option will help you move content including apps to the SD card.
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Once this is done, you are required to keep the SD in your phone permanently. Also, the card is encrypted. If you insert in a new device, you cannot find the moved data.

Manually Move Apps to an SD Card on Android

Not all phone supports adoptable storage. If your phone is one of those that won’t allow it, you can use the manual method to move your apps to an SD card. Just that you need to do repeat the steps for every app you want to move.

  1. On your device, go to Settings >> Apps & notifications >> App info. Locate the app you want to move and tap.
  2. Next, Select Storage and tap Change. If you can’t find this option, your phone does not support moving apps to a card.
  3. In the Change storage dialogue box, choose SD Card and tap Move in the confirmation screen.
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The adaptable storage method is the best. But, the alternative isn’t bad either. However, If your Android device doesn't support any of the two, you might need to consider rooting your device.

Otherwise, you might need to consider using Android Go or Lite apps instead. They are usually smaller, take up less storage and memory space, and run faster.

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