How to Open a GTBank Account Online/737 USSD

Do you know you can get a GTB account right from your comfort? In this post, you will be learning how to open a GTBank account online or with 737 USSD.

How to Open a GTBank Account Online

Opening a GTBank account online is quick and easy and it follows a similar process as requesting for ATM card online. You only need to contact the bank and get the account opening form sent to you.

You don’t need to visit a GTBank branch to open an account when you have access to the internet. Follow the procedures below to get your account running in a few minutes.

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How to Open a GTBank Account Online

To open an account, send an email to [email protected] and request an account opening form. The form is sent to your email address with further instructions and documents needed to keep your account running. Ensure you fill the form correctly and attach the documents requested.

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Once your response is received, the account opening process will be initiated and your account number is generated. Also, the account number and other account details are sent back to you,

How to Open a GTBank Account Using USSD

Alternatively, you can open a GTBank account and link your BVN using the 737 USSD code without having to fill an account opening form.

To get your GTB account, dial 7370# and follow the on-screen instruction. A standard account is created and your ten-digit account number will be generated for your immediate use.

The 737-account opening USSD code is faster, easier and doesn’t require internet access.

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