How to Open, Send Money and Withdraw from a Cash App Account

In this post, you will be learning how to open, send money and withdraw from a Cash App account and other information that could benefit you.

How to Open and Use a Cash App Account

Cash App is a mobile payment service used to transfer money to other people from a mobile phone app. It is owned and developed by Square, Inc. and formerly called Square Cash.

With a Cash App account, you can request and transfer money to another Cash account using an email address and $cashtag. Besides, you can withdraw money using Cash Card – a debit Visa card from ATMs or by making a direct transfer to a local bank account.

Cash App can be used on phones and PC. You can either send and receive money to the app on mobile or by logging-in into the website on PC.

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How to Open Cash App

You can either open a new Cash App account from the website or mobile app. If your country isn’t supported by Cash App at the moment, kindly consider using a good VPN.

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To open an account using the Cash App website or mobile app, you need to click sign-in on the website. Enter a valid email address or phone number to proceed. A confirmation code to be used for registration is sent to your email address or phone as supplied.

Further, after you have entered the confirmation code, you will need to supply your debit card details. If you have a US local bank account, just enter your US debit card details to proceed with the account registration. Do not use a virtual banking detail. This doesn’t work most of the times.

Next, enter your full name correctly and select your $Cashtag, The $Cashtag is your unique username that can be used to receive money to your account.

Finally, enter your area zip code and wait for registration approval.

How to Send Money to a Cash App account

Log in to Cash App website on PC and click New, usually at the bottom of the screen. A new window is opened from which you can send money. Enter an amount to be sent and supply either the $cash tag, phone number or email address of the recipient. Also, you may enter the payment description stating the purpose of payment.

How to Withdraw from a Cash App account

Log in to Cash App on your mobile device and tap your balance. This will take you to My Cash page. Now, under the credit balance, find and tap Withdraw option.

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Once you are on the cash withdrawal page, enter the withdrawal amount and tap Withdraw.

A pop-up is displayed asking how you would the funds to be deposited. The standard option usually takes between 1 – 3 days to receive the funds in your local account. Besides, you may use Instant for an instant deposit for a charge of 25 cents.

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