How to Pay for DStv, GOtv and StarTimes from GTBank Account

Why panic over expired cable bills when you can make payments without stepping out of the comfort of your room? Here, you will be learning how to pay for DStv, GOtv and StarTimes from GTBank account.

How to Pay for DStv, GOtv and StarTimes from GTBank Account

GTBank has provided payment facilities that support bill payments. Part of the services you can pay for from your GTBank account is the DStv, GOtv and StarTimes cable subscriptions.

Other bill payment options available on the mobile banking app include internet services, school payments, insurance, visa fee, utility/electricity/water, taxes & levies, church payments, airline ticket payments, Remita, distributor payments, among others.

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Paying for your cable subscription with a GTBank account is easy and can be done right from your mobile phone. You may choose to use the GTBank’s 737 USSD code or through the mobile banking app.

To learn how to make your cable payments from GTB, kindly follow this post. However, be sure take note of your smartcard or IUC number so you won’t be paying for another person entirely.

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How to Pay for DStv, GOtv and StarTimes from GTBank Account

Mobile Banking

To pay cable bills payment using GTB app, you are required to install the mobile app from Google Play (for Android) or App Store (for iOS) and set up the app. You may need the help of one of the bank’s official to properly set up the app and link to your account.

If you have properly linked the app to your account, then you can proceed with the steps below.

  1. Launch the app and sign-in using your email and password.
  2. Tap the hamburger icon from the topmost-left and then, Bill payments.
  3. Further, tap Cable TV (usually the first option on the list).
  4. Now, select the cable TV option you’re paying for. Options available are DStv/GOtv, StarTimes, FlutterWave and Mercy TV.
  5. Choose the desired bouquet from the available plans and confirm the price.
  6. Finally, enter the smartcard or IUC number and tap continue. The system will attempt to retrieve your details as used during registration.
  7. Enter your mobile banking pin and tap pay.

Your bank account will be debited and viewing will be restored once the payment is confirmed.

737 USSD Code

The 737 USSD code can be used to making bill payments on the mobile number associated with the bank account.

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For DStv/GOtv

  1. Dial *737# and reply with 9 for Cable TV.
  2. Proceed by entering the smartcard number and follow further on-screen instructions.

For StarTimes

  1. Dial *737# and reply with 10 for Bills.
  2. Further, enter 4 for Data and Pay TV, then 2 for StarTimes.
  3. Enter the smartcard number and the amount you’re paying then follow the on-screen instruction.

Alternatively, you can simply dial 73737AmountDecoder Number# and follow the instruction that follows.

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