How to Play Board Games on Zoom

Are you bored staying at home on lockdown? Social distancing shouldn’t deny you all the fun you used to have with friends. In this post, you will be learning how to play board games on Zoom.

How to Play Board Games on Zoom

Board games are best enjoyed with two or more people playing. However, since the pandemic in 2020 that led to social distancing and lockdown, playing has become harder since you can’t play when too close to people.

Alternatively, people now either enjoy playing their favourite board game online or over online video calling platforms like Zoom. That way, you can stay connected with friends and family, and have fun like you used to.

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Below is how to play board games with friends and family on Zoom.

How to Play Board Games on Zoom

To play, you need to set up a Zoom call by connecting to your device. You can even download Zoom web client for faster service or stick with the web version.

After setting up, you can start a call and share the link with other potential participants. Zoom will notify them to join the call. You will be playing your board game on Zoom as you do on a physical gaming table. During the call, you can decide what to play.

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Also, you might want to try some of those games that won't require a real board to play. Games like Charades, Pictionary, Think 20 Questions, and straight-up trivia. Topics on these are readily available on Google and Pinterest, you might want to see them.

Some games can be made to be more fun if each player can have their own copy of the game. These include common and classic games like Battleship, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Uno, and so on. If every participant has their own gameboard or cards, you could have a person move everyone else's pieces around a single board and they can easily relate with such movement.

You might need to set up rules for everyone and state them clearly before you begin to play on the video calling platform. You may need cards, physical board games, dice, and timers which you can download as smartphone apps.

To share your screen with the other players so they can see your move, use the green Share Screen button located at the bottom of your call window, or press Alt+S on Windows or Cmd+Ctrl+S on Mac and click Whiteboard >> Share.

You can also use the whiteboard to draw or type so that everyone can see it.

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More Play, More Fun

Playing board games is a great way to make Zoom lively when on video with friends and family. There is no limit to the things you can do, not necessarily board games alone.  Try watching movies together if board games aren’t your thing.

You can always keep in touch, have more fun, and keep beautiful memories of each other even while social distancing. Rather than deactivating your Zoom account, I would rather advise making Zoom more fun.

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