How to Prevent Websites from Mining Bitcoin on Web Browsers

It is gradually becoming the new day order that websites mine bitcoin using the hardware on their visitor’s phone and computer. In this post, you will be learning how to prevent websites from mining bitcoin on web browsers.

How to Prevent Websites from Mining Bitcoin on Web Browsers

A quick question that may be bordering your mind is how is mining bitcoin from a browser even possible? Well, all that it is needed is just some lines of JavaScript code running in the background when you are on a website.

The most annoying part of this is that only a few of these websites inform its visitors about this action. Also, you may not easily identify which website does and which does not. As a result, you may experience slow browsing speed when you use the internet on your device. Besides, such devices usually have reduced battery life and some damages to the hardware.

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If you would like to prevent websites from mining bitcoin on your web browsers, kindly follow the guidelines outlined below.

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How to Prevent Websites from Mining Bitcoin on Web Browsers

Block Bitcoin Mining on PC

Install Browser Extensions

If you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or any of the popular web browsers, then you should consider installing a browser extension to serve your need. Adblock Plus or Ghostery extension would fit just for this purpose. The extensions help to disable bitcoin mining websites from running scripts on web browsers.

Install Antivirus Apps

If you have antivirus software running on your PC, chances are that you have not been able to use the feature because it may not be free as many antivirus software now comes with the feature that blocks bitcoin mining scripts.

Block Bitcoin Mining on Android

Chrome Browser

On Google Chrome, go to Settings, then Site Settings. Proceed to tap and disable JavaScript.

You can also enable JavaScript on specific sites by using Add Site Exceptions. Manually enter specific URLs of such sites to allow JavaScript.

Firefox Browser

Go to Settings on Firefox then scroll down to Privacy and security. Now tap Enhanced Tracking Protection and set the Protection Level to Strict.

Edge Browser

On Edge, go to Settings, then Content Blockers. Allow Block ads for Adblock Plus and that is it.

Opera Browser

Go to Settings on the Opera browser and enable Ad blocking.

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Prevent Bitcoin Mining on iOS


Start by installing 1Blocker. Then, go to Settings, Safari then Content Blockers. Now enable 1Blocker and Block Trackers to block cryptocurrency mining sites.

Opera Touch

Launch Opera Touch and tap Settings then enable Ad Blocking. Now enable Cryptocurrency Mining Protection and you are good.

Firefox Browser

Open Firefox on your iOS device and go to Settings. Choose Tracking Protection and enable Enhanced Tracking Protection. Now, set the Protection Level to Strict.

Which of these methods do you prefer and why? Tell us in the comments!

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