How to Protect a Microsoft Word Document with Password

In this post, you will be learning how to protect a Microsoft Word document with a password.

How to Protect a Microsoft Word Document with Password

It is highly important to protect your work with a password especially if it contains sensitive information that you won’t like to share with the public. That way, you can easily upload the files on public storage without having to worry about who would have access since you will only have to share the password with those you want.

Here, you will learn how to protect your Word files on Windows and Mac.

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How to Protect a Microsoft Word Document with Password

On Windows OS

To add a layer of security to your file and protect from public eyes on a Windows OS enabled PC, here is what you need to do.

  1. Start your PC and run Microsoft Word.
  2. Open an already saved document or start a new work.
  3. Now, click on File (from the topmost left of the screen), then Protect Document and then click Encrypt with Password.
  4. Enter a password and click OK.
  5. Now, re-enter your password to confirm, then click OK.
  6. Finally, close the document then open again, you will notice you can’t access unless with your password.
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With that done, you have successfully protected

On Mac OS

If you are a Mac user willing to protect your Word files, kindly follow these procedures.

  1. Start your PC and run Microsoft Word.
  2. Open a document you have saved or start a new workflow.
  3. Now, from the ribbon up top, click Review, then Protect and then click Protect Document.
  4. Enter a password you like and click OK.
  5. Re-enter the password to confirm, then click OK.

You have successfully protected your Word files and the information they carry is no longer accessible to the public. Even if someone else has access to your PC, you can be very certain that they can’t view your files once you have them password protected.

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Furthermore, you can also follow similar procedures to protect your work on other Microsoft apps like presentation files on Microsoft PowerPoint and sheets on Excel.

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