How to Reconnect with an Estranged Child in BitLife

As a parent with an estranged child, you can strengthen the connection with some new opportunities offered by BitLife. Here, we have explained how to reconnect with an estranged child in BitLife.

How to Reconnect with an Estranged Child in BitLife

BitLife, designed as an open-world social simulation game and released in September 2018 on Android and iPhone devices, has spent over ten years in the market. In the game, players could create their own lives and relationships with other characters. As a result, Bitlife has remained one of the most popular simulations games of all time.

In the real world, it might be very difficult for parents to connect with their children. BitLife can help ease the burden that comes with parenting, especially when such a child feels estranged by helping you reconnect with them.

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The BitLife game can be played and enjoyed by both children and adults. While making parents act as coaches, can bring an immersive experience to help families live out their lives in a virtual world.

How to Reconnect with an Estranged Child in BitLife

The game let you start out as a teen in high school, then your age up to college or work/career. Normally, ageing is a process. However, you can speed things along by sleeping.

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BitLife was developed by Candywriter LLC as a uniquely complex game that revolves around a character's entire life. With over 50 possible endings, the chances that the game is replayed is overwhelmingly high.

The game will let you face various life choices that can ultimately determine your character's success and failure, and will also let you look back to remember and reflect on your old memories, as well as the progress you have attained in the game.

BitLife also lets you make money. Your character becomes wealthier as you make more money and can, in turn, help you to be more successful in life.

How to Reconnect with an Estranged Child in BitLife

How to Reconnect with an Estranged Child in BitLife

To reconnect with an estranged child in BitLife, visit the child's profile tab under relationships and click the option that says reconnect. However, it may take a few trials before it will work and may not work if they dislike you so bad.

To reconnect, you firstly need to have a child that you abandoned before. However, you can abandon a child by clicking the abandoned option under their profile. After two years, the reconnect option can then be used. Although two years is much time, you can make it go faster by ageing up in the game.

Reconnecting with an estranged child doesn't work easily. You have to increase their relationship with you by sending them gifts and letting them start to like you slowly.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on BitLife

Who is an estranged child on BitLife?

A child with whom you have a bad relationship and dislikes you for whatever reason.

What happens if I reconnect with my estranged child?

If a child has been abandoned, they will become an active household member and can play mini-games. You can play with them or take them on outings with you to strengthen your relationship with them.

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How many years do I have to wait to reconnect with my estranged child?

You have to wait for two years or speed things up by ageing up.

2 years


BitLife comes with many twists and turns. Model citizens can find it easy reconnecting to an estranged child but might be hard in other cases.

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