How to Remove Bloatware Apps in MIUI 12 Without Root

In this post, you will be how to remove bloatware apps in Xiaomi MIUI 12 without root.

How to Remove Bloatware Apps in MIUI 12 Without Root

Most Android phones including now come with good features. However, they do come with a lot of pre-installed apps that would have taken up most of the space allocated to the device. Some might be useful, while others are just there not in use.

The most annoying part is that you can’t uninstall most of these pre-loaded apps and some even run certain services in the background. Although, this doesn’t remove ads and spam notifications on Xiaomi devices.

You can remove bloatware apps from your Xiaomi device. In fact, it doesn’t require rooting the device. Here is how:

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Before we proceed, I would advise that you be sure that you don’t need the function of an app before you remove them or else you end up not able to perform some functions on your device or end up with a bricked device. Please, be careful as you proceed.

How to Remove Bloatware Apps in MIUI 12 on Smartphone

  1. To remove pre-installed apps, go to Settings >> Apps >> Manage apps.
  2. Choose the apps you want to remove and tap uninstall all.
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How to Remove Bloatware Apps in MIUI 12 on PC

This method works for apps and services that won’t go just easily. It involves connecting your device to a PC using Android Debugging Bridge ADB software on Windows and Homebrew on Mac.

First, download ADB to your PC and extract using 7zip or Winrar. Open the extracted folder and click on the address bar and type cmd. A command prompt will open from the ADB directory.

Now, on your phone, go to Settings >> About phone and tap MIUI Version as many times as possible (at least 9 times or more).

Next, go Additional settings >> Developer options and enable USB debugging.

You can now connect your device to your PC using a USB cable and then type ADB devices in the command prompt. Authorize your PC on your smartphone to allow access. If it doesn't work, type ADB devices in the command prompt again and repeat.

Next, download Xiaomi Debloater .jar file from GitHub and install the Oracle Java SE Development Kit to allow you to open the .jar file.

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Now, open the .jar file to see all the apps on your smartphone. Proceed to select and remove the apps you do not need. Tick the boxes next to the apps you want to delete and click Uninstall.

That’s all. You can now enjoy your Xiaomi MIUI 12-enabled device without bloatware.

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