How to Repost on Instagram With Your Android Phone

I noticed this question is being asked and has been trending for hours now. This is why I will be teaching How to Repost on Instagram With Your Android Phone in this post.

Repost on Instagram With Your Android Phone

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How to Repost on Instagram With Your Android Phone

We will be looking at three main methods.

  1. The Manual Method
  2. Using Buffer App
  3. Using Repost App

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How to Use The Manual Method

  • Screenshot a photo you'd like to upload.
  • Tap on the camera button on the Instagram app and upload your screenshot.
  • Resize the image, add a caption and post.

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How to Use Buffer App and Repost App

  • Download Buffer for Android here or Repost for Instagram here.
  • Launch Instagram App and find the photo you’d like to re-post.
  • Once you’ve found the photo, tap on the ‘…’ icon and then, share option.
  • Now tap on Copy Link.
  • Launch the Buffer App or Repost App.
  • Once the app has been launched, it’ll identify the link saved to your clipboard and ask if you’d like to re-post that content.
  • Finally, edit the caption and post.
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