How to Resolve E16 Error on GOtv

Are you having issues in restoring viewing on your tv? Here, you will be learning how to resolve E16 error on GOtv.

How to Resolve E16 Error on GOtv

What is E16 Error on GOtv

E16 error means service is currently scrambled. It is displayed when a subscription expires and you attempt to view channels which are not free on your GOtv device.

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How to Resolve E16 Error on GOtv

If you get this error on your screen, it means your subscription to a bouquet plan has elapsed. However, you will be required to make payment to renew the bouquet plan or choose a different plan entirely. You can find all the GOtv bouquet plans and prices here.

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Before you make payments for your preferred bouquet, it is advisable to leave your GOtv decoder on. The error should clear automatically upon successful payment and viewing should be restored.

However, if the error still persists after making payment, you are advised to send “RESET IUC NUMBER” to 4688. Further instruction on how to clear the error will be sent to your phone.


  1. The IUC number is a unique 10-digit code for your decoder. You can find it on your screen along with error displayed or check under the GOtv decoder.
  2. Message can be sent from any network, although, it attracts a service charge of ₦10.

Additional Information

To check your account balance, you can either send “DUE IUC NUMBER” as a text message to 4688 or dial 2881# from your line or use the GOtv Self Service website.

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