How to Save Personal Notes and Media Files with WhatsApp

In this post, you will be learning how to save personal notes and media files with WhatsApp.

How to Save Personal Notes and Media Files with WhatsApp

The WhatsApp click to chat feature is useful in sending a chat to a number with a single tap. You can quickly send a chat without saving a phone number as a contact.

Other than this, you can take advantage of the feature to save chats that matter to you. This can be achieved by using the same feature to open your personal chat. And, you can send messages and media just to yourself.

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How to Save Personal Notes and Media Files with WhatsApp

To open your personal chat, simply type number) in your web browser. Note that you are to replace (phone number) with your phone number in its international format without the + symbol. For example, a person with the phone number +2 (234) 456-7890 will type and send.

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When the page to the URL opens, you will find the Continue to Chat button. Tapping the Continue to Chat button will automatically take you to a WhatsApp chat window with your number.

Finally, you can now send your messages and files.

To ease things, you can either bookmark this URL or pin the chat with your number. Doing the latter will keep your number above all your chats.

In addition, you can always forward any chat (text or media) to yourself should in case the sender deletes or the message disappears. Also, forwarded messages do not use data and can be seen across all WhatsApp connected devices including WhatsApp web.

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