How to Send Free SMS on MTN

In this post, you will be learning how to send free SMS on your MTN line.

How to Send Free SMS on MTN

Do you know you can send a message to your loved ones for free on the MTN network? In fact, there are two ways to send text messages on your line with no credit at all. One of these methods is by using the MTN Bizplus Plan and the other is through the MyMTN app.

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How to Send Free SMS on MTN Bizplus Plan

The first method requires you to migrate to MTN Bizplus Tariff Plan and you are required to make a recharge of at least ₦100 weekly to get 10 free SMS offer to MTN numbers.

As a result, you can send up to 10 text messages to family members and loved ones. The only thing you need to get the SMS bonus is to make a recharge for that week. However, subsequent recharges for the week do not come with the SMS offer and you have to wait till another week to unlock the offer again.

How to Send Free SMS on MTN

How to Migrate to MTN Bizplus Plan

Just dial 4601# on your phone or send “460” as SMS to 131 to migrate.

Other Things to Know About the MTN Bizplus Plan

To learn more about the prepaid plan, kindly refer to the product page on the MTN website.

How to Send Free SMS on the MyMTN App

Using the MyMTN app, you are eligible to get free data up to 500MB upon activation alongside a good number of data and voice offers for your MTN line. One of these offers is the free SMS offer to MTN lines.

Users of the MyMTN app can send up to 10 text messages daily to other MTN users without being charged. Interestingly, the app also does not require you to have active data to use and recipients of the text messages do not necessarily need to have the app installed on their mobile device.

How to be Eligible

Steps Required

  1. Install MyMTN app from Google Play, launch the app and tap on Register
  2. Now, enter your MTN Number and verify. An OTP will be sent to your line to this effect. Once you have verified your line, you will be granted access to the dashboard.
  3. From the dashboard, find and tap More from the bottom-right of the app menu.
  4. Now, find and tap Offers & Promotions and tap Send Free SMS.
  5. Finally, enter the recipient's MTN number and the message in the text box available and tap OK to send.

Once the step is completed, it means you have just sent a free text message to an MTN line. Certainly, you can enjoy sending text messages for free.

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How to Send Free SMS on MTN

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