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How to Start A Blog and Make Money



Within the next few minutes, I will be discussing how to start a blog and make money. I know that is why you are on this page. Well, unlike some blogs, my explanations are going to be explicit enough for a better understanding of our readers.

How to Start A Blog and Make Money

How to Start A Blog and Make Money

One thing is to start a blog and it is another to earn with it. Because of the complexity of this topic, we shall be discussing them differently.

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How to start a Blog


  1. Domain

First thing to do to start a blog is to get a domain name. The domain gives your blog an identity on the World Wide Web. It gives a unique name through which people can locate you. To get a domain, all you need to do is visit a domain registrar website, search for the availability of a domain name of choice. After which you will be required to make the purchase at a price.

When choosing domain names, take note the niche of the blog you will be running. If you are going to be writing on money making guides, your blog URL should look like or something similar. Do not choose the wrong URL that could mislead people on what you write.

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Now that you know you need a domain and you have been taught how to go about buying, then we move to host.

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  1. Hosting

You can’t start a blog without a host to house your domain. Hosting is very much important. Its importance made a writer refer to it as the place where domain lives. Without a host, a domain is nothing. It is where your blog stays and where your URL points to. It is where you have your dashboard and the ability to monitor all activities going on your website.

There are a lot of hosting websites out there. But the service they offer differs from provider to provider. Study their uptime and the additional services they provide along. Some of them give free SSL certificates for your websites and dedicated servers for faster loading websites.

Most domain registrars offer hosting services too, although you will be billed for each differently. GoDaddy, HostGator, NameCheap, among others offer good services.

  1. WordPress Integration

Third step to start a blog after getting a domain and host is to integrate WordPress. After buying your domain and host, the next thing is to integrate the WordPress software on your blog. To do that, you need to move to your cpanel from your host. When you are in the cpanel, move to softaculous/one-click installation manager and click. It will bring a lot of software to you but the one you will be selecting is WordPress.

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WordPress is not the only blogging platform, In fact, there are much more. Find out other Best Blogging Websites to Create a Blog.

The reason for WordPress is not limited to its ability to its friendly dashboard, it can also easily understood by almost anyone with or without any prior knowledge of web designing.

To integrate WordPress, click on WordPress and enter your URL along with other information of the blog you want to create. Remember to set an administrative username and password that will be used for logging in to the back-end by the admin of the blog.

After this, select done and you have your blog created with the default WordPress theme within seconds. Two links will be provided to you. One is the administrative URL and the other is the blog URL which is the same domain name bought and provided by you at the beginning.

Click on the administrative URL to access your blog from the back-end. Doing this will take you to your blog’s dashboard. From there, you can change how your blog looks like, add posts, upload files, see who visit, among other things.

Just try to log in and ensure you play around with your dashboard. That will make you more familiar with it.

  1. WordPress Theme

Finally, as you start a blog, you need to know that the default WordPress theme doesn’t look too attractive and needs to be changed. There are free themes on WordPress that you can access from your back-end too. You can decide to select from their or better still, you can choose to buy a premium theme for your blog. Most themes that satisfy our needs are not free. So be ready to spend on this too.

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After this, try writing your first post by navigating to add a new post tab. Ensure you play around with the editor. If you are used to Microsoft Word, you will find it easier creating new posts with the editor on your blog.

Get an image or images for your write-ups so they won’t look boring. Do not use copyrighted images, you can be sued for it. Instead, create your own. If you don’t know how to create images, try out canva app for mobile or visit to create new images for your posts all for free. You don’t any prior knowledge of graphics design to use canva.

I will be stopping here on how to start a blog and make money for now. If you have succesfully created your blog, you can read up on how to create your first blog post. In my next discussion, I will go continue with how to make money with your blog. Thanks for following this blog, enjoy the rest of your day.

A passion-driven blogger, digital marketer, and website designer. I teach people how to make money online.

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