How to Stop Getting Spam Calls

Would you like to avoid unwanted calls? Spam calls include illegal and spoofed robocalls and can be annoying. Here, we have discussed how to stop getting spam calls.

How to Stop Getting Spam Calls

Spam calls generally come from unknown and service numbers, and they are popularly used for promotion purposes. If you receive spam calls frequently and would like to make it stop, we have prepared this article for you.

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How to Stop Getting Spam Calls

Below are some tips that would help prevent spam calls to your line;

Do Not Answer Calls Unknown Numbers

Ensure you don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. If you answer one and you find out it’s spam, please hang up immediately.

Activate DND

You might want to activate the do not disturb feature to prevent service calls and messages on your line. The procedure differs for network carriers. I strongly advise that you reach out to your network carrier to put you through.

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Use a Caller ID app

Apps like TrueCaller shows the ID of a caller when your phone rings. If a TrueCaller user tagged a phone number as spam, all other users are shown the spam tag to put them on alert.

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How to Stop Getting Spam Calls

Other Tips to Stay Protected

Do Not Press Any Key

If you accidentally or deliberately answer a call from an unknown phone number and the caller or a voice recording instructs you to enter a number, do not do it. It is very likely that someone is trying to scam you.

Do Not Answer any Question

Avoid answering questions when answering calls from unknown numbers even if the answer is just a simple Yes/No. Ensure you do not give out information that is personal to you. This can be your account number, Social Security number, mother's maiden names, or passwords to anything at all.

Double Check if you are Confused

In case you get a call claiming they are from a company you use, your bank or a government agency, do not disclose your information to them.

If you are confused, first hang up and look for your account statement, phone book log, or the company's or government agency's website. Try calling the phone number you see there to verify the request they are asking of you is legitimate.

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Do Not Allow Yourself to be Pressured

Under no circumstance should an unknown caller put pressure on you to disclose any information at all. Any sign of pressure from them is enough to tell you they are probably going to scam you. You can also record or block any call you receive from an unknown caller.

How to Stop Getting Spam Calls

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