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How to Stop Media Files from Downloading Automatically on WhatsApp

Have you ever wondered if there is a way you can just disable pictures and videos from auto-download on WhatsApp? In this discussion, I will be explaining how you can stop media files from downloading automatically on WhatsApp.

How to Stop Media Files from Downloading Automatically on WhatsApp

We all have that contact that sends irrelevant media files to us including pictures, videos, voice notes, animations and stickers. If you don’t have that friend, you are likely to be in a group where such files are sent.

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Consequently, disabling media files from auto-downloading will help you save data consumed by the app. However, this is not only the case. It will help you save the time used chatting on the app.

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Take note that this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to see media files sent from such chats or groups anymore, but instead of them downloaded automatically, you will be allowed to choose what to download and what not. Only files you choose to download will be stored in your device storage and can be found in your gallery.

Also, it is important to let you know that you don’t need any external app to achieve this. Options to block WhatsApp media files from auto-download is available right on the messenger. Meanwhile, you can only disable this option on individual chats or groups, If you would like to disable for all chat at a bulk, refer to this recent discussion.

With all this made clear, let’s proceed to you can achieve this.

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Steps to Stop Media Files from Downloading on WhatsApp

  1. Ensure your device is running the latest version of WhatsApp messenger. (You can install or update to the most recent version here).
  2. Proceed to open your WhatsApp messenger on your device.
  3. If there is a contact you wish to disable auto-download of media files, find your chat with such contact.
  4. Tap the chat and then three dots from the top-right.

    Find your chat with contact and tap the three dots

  5. Select view contact.

    How to Stop Media Files from Downloading Automatically on WhatsApp

    Select view contact

  6. Now tap Media visibility

    How to Stop Media Files from Downloading Automatically on WhatsApp

    Tap Media visibility

  7. Select No from the three options under Show newly downloaded media from this chat option in your device’s gallery.

    Select No

    Select No

  8. Tap OK.

    Tap OK

    Tap OK

Now you can sit back and relax without the fear of finding strange files from WhatsApp in your gallery anymore without any idea of how they got there.

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You can still have access to blocked media files on WhatsApp and choose to download to your device or not.

How to Check Blocked Media on WhatsApp

To check media files blocked from auto-download, you can check your chats with the particular person or group. An easier way to check on all images, videos and other files sent by someone is to check the Media, links and docs tab from chats with such contacts.

How to Stop Media Files from Downloading Automatically on WhatsApp

Tap Media, links and docs

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