How to Unzip Files in Windows 10

Having difficulty accessing a zipped document? Here is how to unzip files in Windows 10.

How to Unzip Files in Windows 10

A ZIP file could either contain software, or a set of document files. To access these files or software and make use of them, you need to unzip the contents.

Files can be opened either by using the built-in tool or third-party apps on Windows 10. Unzipping files is not hard on Windows and can be done by following a native process.

Here is how:

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How to Unzip Files in Windows 10

  1. Browse to the ZIP folder in File Explorer and right-click on the ZIP file.
  2. From the options provided on right-click, select Extract All and Windows will show a dialogue box.
  3. Now, choose a location where you want the extracted files to be saved. By default, the unzip folder will have the same name and stay in the same directory with the ZIP file.
  4. Remember to check Show extracted files when complete so that you can see the content of the file once unzipping is complete.
  5. Finally, click Extract and Windows will do its thing.
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How to Unzip Files Using 7-Zip

If you found it hard or difficult or experience any issue using the default tool, try using a third-party app called 7-Zip.

  1. First, install 7-Zip and right-click on a ZIP file and highlight 7-Zip to see the several conversion options available.
  2. Extract files option lets you define how your file is unzipped, while Extract Here will unzip the file inside the current folder. You can use Extract to and create a new folder in the directory with the same name as the zipped folder.

Unlike the built-in tool, 7-Zip also extract other archive file format without any issue at all.

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